SEO For Real Estate Investors

Never Done SEO Before? Know Nothing About Websites?

Our platform is unlike anything else out there. You do not need to think, no need to wonder what to do next, no need to guess. Simply click where I click type where I type, do as I do and you are set! There is nothing to be worried about. My team and I are right beside you checking and evaluating all the work you do to make sure you are doing it right!

Not Just Traffic, We Generate Leads!

Ranking #1 is nice, but unless you are converting this traffic into leads, ranking #1 is absolutely useless! Traffic comes in many forms, SEO, DMM, Facebook ads, PPC,...  Once that traffic hits your site, what is going to convert it into leads? Answer: Credibility! We have boiled down "online lead generation" into a simple mathematical equation:

Deals = Traffic + Conversion

Since we want very motivated free traffic, we can simplify of the above equation:

Deals = SEO + Credibility

SEO: Drive Better Quality Free Traffic To Your Site

SEO takes care of sending high quality traffic to your site effortlessly for free

Credibility: Convert More Traffic Into Leads.

Credibility is that little voice of assurance your traffic hears that tells them you can solve their problem

Direct Mail Marketing Sucks!

You know it , I know it. Yes those are our actual returned mailers! Do you really want to keep convincing yourself this is acceptable? Taking SEO Seriously Means:

  • No keeping track of several phone numbers to check DMM performance.
  • No More Sending 1000's Of Mailers Just For 30% To Return Undeliverable.
  • No More Skip Tracing And Resending Mailers
  • No More Sending 5000 Mailers To Only Make 2 to 3 Deals
  • No More Buying, Filtering, Organizing & Categorizing Expensive Lists.

           We Practice What We Preach!

We Are We Buy Houses In Connecticut, Connecticut's baddest, sexiest, Smartest, handsomest, funniest, and with probably the highest level of ego, yet most humble, flippers, and wholesalers. Did I say Connecticut? I meant the World!  Yup we are actually house flippers and wholesalers just like you.

We Know Your Troubles And Challenges. We Have Been There!

It is very simple really. We cracked the SEO code, and now we are helping others becoming successful. Yup we are that cool! 

Been There Done That.

The way to success is by following a proven system. Driving for dollars, Cold Calling, Door Knocking, Bandit signs, car friggin magnets are not systems. A method to get reliable predictable and scalable leads, is! Stop Winging It!


SEO Is The Way To Go!

We have realized from our own experience, (beating the living crap out of every single SEO attempt and/or company our competitors throw at us trying to beat us in the rankings), that without exception no SEO company can ever out do or outperform a single entity doing their own SEO. This explains why your results have been atrocious hiring a SEO company. Fact!

But who has time to learn and master SEO? Well you do not have to. Simply do as I say, do what I do, click where I click, no guessing, no need to figure anything out, and you will be on your way to beating anyone in your market, even the national players!