My First Pay Check!!

StarDate: June 8  – My First Pay Check!! Well it finally happened. I did it. All the effort and work. From ground zero to my first check. It took me a whopping 5 MONTHS to […]


StarDate: June 1  – FOUND A BUYER!! I was SO happy when I got this contract signed. My first, and only one thus far. If you followed my adventures  you would know it was hell […]

Selling my signed contract

StarDate: May 13  – Selling my signed contract! Today I posted my FIRST marketplace ad!! Go Jerryll. OK let’s make money!! How pretty is that analysis huh? 🙂

My Marketing Secret

StarDate: May 12  – My Marketing Secret I keep being asked. “Hey Smeagles…. what is your secret to such a huge return rate when marketing?” I have ALWAYS kept my marketing strategies a secret, but people just do […]

When I am Filthy

StarDate: May 12 – When I am Filthy (Rich) When I am filthy (rich) and famous and stuck up, and think non y’all are worth my time… I will design and built my very own ironman suit […]

I hate wholesaling

StarDate: May 12  – I hate wholesaling!!! Yeah I am finally follow upping! I created a new word! So I checked out 2 houses today. One condo… one multifam. MAN I tell you , being charming […]

More calls coming in

StarDate: May 7  – I GOT A CONTRACT!!! Calls are still coming in, and people still responding with “well it depends how much you will offer”, when I ask them if they are interested in selling […]


StarDate: May 6  – I GOT A CONTRACT!!! As you can see from my starDate Log, I have been quiet for a long time. I was in no mood to write! As mentioned before, this is […]

Results on postcard marketing

StarDate: April 9  – Verdict on Postcard Marketing! So… How did it go with my postcards? Please do not send 4.5K postcards all at once. Good golly my phone hates me! I had no choice though. I […]

Grab these cojones and just do it

StarDate: April 9  – Grab these cojones and just do it! So… How did it go with my postcards? I tell you.. Please do not send 4.5K postcards all at once. Good gosh my phone hates […]