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StarDate: January 27 – Quit My Job No Turning back!

I am excited. My website is looking great.

It was a different, Wix, website at that time. DO NOT GO For Wix!!

My first website and after weeks of struggling with the design I finally did something that doesn’t look half bad. I translated it in 2 different languages to target the majority of ethnicities here. Lucky for me not being from the USA alowed me to speak several languages growing up and it has been very useful. I can not wait to finish this site and go live.

Just a few more days.

For those that are following this. My extravagant paying job is no more. Thursday will be my last paycheck. I decided to not take other offers and invest a month of time to get a deal. The more I wait the more money I lose due to food rent bills… so before I had the luxury of waiting as I had a stream of money coming in. However this is no longer the case. Do or die now!

Alas, website should be completed tomorrow.

My next step will be

1. Getting Familiar With My Contracts

I need to study them a bit and figure out what the sections mean. Worst thing that can happen is getting a contract out and seller asks you what something means and you have no idea how to answer.

2. Making Sure There Is An Escape Clause.

Although I don’t plan on using it, you never know what can happen and you need to be able to protect yourself. This is very important.

3. Research On Targeted Lists To Send My Mailers To.

Many options. Foreclosure, Delinquent taxes, inherited, probate, divorce, absentee owners… Need to figure out which one(s) I will commit to!

Be very careful here. If you make a mistake here it could easily ruin you as a beginner. Marketing is expensive. Crazy expensive. If you buy the wrong list, if you make a mistake filtering your list, if you send the wrong mailer design to that list, game over! RESEARCH!!

These tasks will keep me busy for the next few days. I would like to start sending mailers in by monday so I am fighting against time. More to come when I have more to write!

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