StarDate: February 7  – Marketing

I have been focusing on marketing.

I now have about 200 handwritten letters and I added a secret weapon to the letters.

I have done about 120 (in 3 days), and I found someone that is willing to hand write a letter, place it in an envelope, add my secret weapon, place a stamp  on the envelope and mail it in, for 30 cents/ letter!!

She performs at a record speed too, about 50 a day.

I will share the secret, after I see what the response rate is. People have said that their letters get about 1% return rate.

All the gurus swear by 5%-15%… so ….  what?! Where is the discrepancy?!

But now I need to stop because I still need to do a bit of practice on finding the ARV of a house. So for today I have a few tasks I want to do.

  1. Do a few property analysis
  2. watch some videos on proper ARV estimating.
  3. Finding a closing agent, escrow title because tomorrow I REALLY want to send out the letters so I need to be ready if someone calls.
  4. I want to create some post cards.
  5. Go over some scripts if the phone rings.
  6. Need to play with CRM. I think I have Podio but I have no clue how to use it.
  7. need to organize eads if they come in. and track marketing.
  8. need to do a bit more SEO on my site.

The thing is I need to have more lines in the water. I have my letters going out soon. But that is not enough. I want to put bandit signs (not sure if it is legal, need to find out).

I need to bring my website higher on the ranking list. This is FREE marketing and after writing the letters and paying a heap load of money for these lists I need to look into the less expensive ways of marketing. If I can score myself just one deal I do not care. I will dump all the money back into marketing. But I need this one deal first.

I am not ready to send out the postcards, but I have to stop drawing it out.

I should have started with the marketing long ago. I just don’t know why I didn’t. I just didn’t feel I was there yet. Till I just did it and now in retrospect I beat myself up why I didn’t just do it like I did now.

Any Cash buyers want to join my list?


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