Creating temptation Job Interview

StarDate: February 14  – Creating Temptation Job Interview

Happy Valentines day.

Remember early in my blog I mentioned I went to a job interview? Well they finally replied and they want me to fly to Michigan…

I have no idea why I do this to myself. I decided on real estate… now I create temptation.

So now.. choices. Do REI part time and play it safe, or go all out!!…

It is strange, but writing my first blog ever really keeps me focussed and I can clearly “see” where I am heading, where I am coming from and keep my goals in check.

Still doing my mailings… I am so sleepy…

Hopefully I will make a deal soon.. I need it. I need to see for myself it works. This really stinks. All I am doing is work work and FRIGGIN WORK and all what is happening now is my account draining. This better work out man or I will throw poop at someone (like my brethren in the jungle do).


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