Grab these cojones and just do it

StarDate: April 9  – Grab these cojones and just do it!


How did it go with my postcards? I tell you..

Please do not send 4.5K postcards all at once. Good gosh my phone hates me! I had no choice though. I wanted a deal. And yet again I am upping my list to 5K about to send it all out. Planning it for them suckers to arrive on a monday!

SO how DID I do.

Disappointedly happy. I almost, ALMOST signed 2 contracts, and had about 10 very motivated sellers. I am still dealing with 3 properties I am trying to sign. So if with every consecutive mailing you have a better response rate, well… then.. I am bound to make a few deals this time around! About time… because I am reaching my lowest funds threshold. I need a deal. Of course I am taking measures.

I am interviewing with a company called “Astrobotics”… They contract with NASA so looks like I maybe going back to being a NASA boy! Pay is good …

. … bad news it is in PA. I invested time and money in CT. But I am not going to give up if I leave the state. First thing I will do when/if I take this job, is apply for a loan and buy a house. And I will keep on marketing in CT. Taking this job will expedite things about 15 fold so I just need to tolerate it. One good thing is that it is finally doing cool stuff again. Not just *#*@(@@_ industry!

About to pay an other 2K in marketing. This is terrifying. After this mailing I am $1000 below my lowest threshold I had put for myself… But I see it this way… if I do not do it… I will definitely have no leads coming in and thus definitely no inflow of cash. If I don’t’ my money will still go away, sure slower, but it will.

So I am forced to do it.

Grab these cojones and just do it I say….

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