My Marketing Secret

StarDate: May 12  – My Marketing Secret

I keep being asked. “Hey Smeagles…. what is your secret to such a huge return rate when marketing?” I have ALWAYS kept my marketing strategies a secret, but people just do not leave me alone.. so FINE.. Leave me alone I will tell you. I will give you 10K if my system does not work for you.

Get a note .. yellow letter works best. Get a red marker and write:


My name is Inigo Montoya.

You killed my father,

Prepare to die. (if you do not know where this is from you really do not deserve to exist)

And write your number in the note.

Here is the secret ingredient. Tie it to  brick and throw it through their window, and make sure the glass shatters in a billion pieces.

I PROMISE you will get a 100% return rate!!

Now leave me alone. Go get em Tiger!!

5 thoughts on “My Marketing Secret”

  1. I am reading your blog, and i am nervous. I have sent out yellow letters almost a thousand and drove for dollars. Nothing, nothing! couple of calls saying take me off your list. We aren’t selling.
    I need your magic wand.

    1. See, I wish I could say ” Ohh don’t worry, not because YL didn’t work for me means it won’t work for you”… But sadly I can not say that. It would be a lie! Does that mean YL are not going to make you a deal? Absolutely not. YL can definitely make you a deal. All I am saying is, if you made a deal using a YL, I BET if they received a postcard (or an other marketing piece) they would also have said “yes”, and probably sooner.
      All I am saying is you didn’t make the deal BECAUSE it was a “personally written YL”.
      Chin up, all you need is one deal to make the marketing work. (well.. a decent deal).
      If I were you, stop sending YL, and keep on pushing forward, this time, use your own logic and never again blindly do as other’s swear by what works. If everyone did what everyone does, no one would stand out and it would be just a game of luck. Keep that in mind!

      Don’t get discouraged. Keep on pushing forward. If you think it was all butterflied and roses for me… heck no, it was wasps and poison Ivy!
      But I got strong!

    2. Hey, you are doing great btw. That is totally normal.
      You will hear a LOT of no’s. I mean A LOT especially with driving for dollars. Because you are seriously randomly approaching people and asking them if they want to sell.
      Are you checking for unkept lawn, boarded up windows, bad looking houses? Those are better for driving for dollars.

      The magic wand simply is this:
      You just need ONE deal. Just ONE!!
      Once you make that deal and get your pay day, you dump it all on real marketing (No YL!!!), and fro there you grow exponentially!

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