Short Update

I have been spending a lot of time on my website(s), direct mailing, and my awesome flip. If you have not seen my flippin blog, you have GOT to check it out. Why? I have […]

Assignment 1

OK so I got some interest in working together. I will work on a private section of this site that is only viewable to the people that have sworn loyalty to MSOOTKAUG. This way not […]

ENOUGH Struggling, Start Ranking!

Let me tell you what it means to be in the top 3 positions in the SERP ( search results). Basically you will get free leads every day. That means for real estate investors about […]

Marketing Continues

Awesome Marketing Postcard

We have been really busy with the house we purchased in December, and we are writing all about it on our house flipping blog. We are doing an amazing flip. So far it has been […]

Our House Flipping Blog

We have been busy. We are still working hard on getting more deals but now our workload has increased significantly. We have decided to document our flip and  to do it right it is really […]

Yellow Letters Part I

How To Write A High Performing Yellow Letter

Direct mailers ~ Yellow Letters Part I 8/14/2016 ​When we first started our investing journey, we did a lot of research on direct mail marketing. And not surprisingly so! Direct mail marketing is expensive. Really […]

How To Start

  WOW.. ok listen up everyone. I am getting a TON of messages on help on how to get started. Well first read my blog. But I will give you a crash course… 1 FORGET […]

Accomplishments do not define your worth, they are merely a measure of your potential’s potential!

So what can I say To Show You Are Awesome? How about this to change your mindset.. Have you ever listened to podcasts where someone is interviewing some super successful REI? You know what they […]

Onwards To The Big Time!

How to make it big in REI

Onwards, Chapter II So obviously, I never ever thought my blog would be noticed. Now suddenly I have an influx of emails asking me how to do what I did. (As if I am some […]