Short Update

I have been spending a lot of time on my website(s), direct mailing, and my awesome flip.

If you have not seen my flippin blog, you have GOT to check it out. Why?

I have posted an awesome update today worth the visit.

I have been getting some calls here and there from motivated home sellers but no contracts signed yet.

Today I will make an offer and if something comes off it I will update …

7 thoughts on “Short Update”

    1. Thank you. We have sent out postcards last week.. still no calls. My seed card didn’t arrive yet so I am assuming/hoping, the cards have not yet landed. We did something different this time so we are keeping our fingers crossed!

  1. You and Dixie are so cool. Hoping to learn a lot from you. Thank you for providing this for free. I have spent money with no real results – yet! However I know it’s coming.

    How do you market your website to attract motivated sellers?

    1. Hello Tracey. Sorry for the late reply.
      I was about to write a post about ranking that will be very interesting to those that are looking to rank.
      Thank you so much for the compliments. Keep an eye on the following entry 🙂

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