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60. Pleasing Google Vs Your Traffic

Yesternight I spoke with someone that wanted some advice on SEO. This gentleman had a really hard time with SEO and the reason he contacted me in the first place was that he read one of my rants where I said that everyone is doing SEO wrong. He believed me because he was not getting…

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59. Forced Traffic & Conversion (FT&C) Strategy

Forced Traffic & Conversion

Forced Traffic & Conversion (FT&C) Strategy   Forced Traffic & Conversion is a strategy I have developed to speed up making money through Real Estate Investing, big time. This strategy works great for seasoned investors and beginners alike, but especially beginners will appreciate this as this strategy will get them up and running scaling their…

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58. SEO vs PPC For Real Estate Investors The Epic Battle

SEO vs Pay Per Click (PPC) For Real Estate Investors My little gringos, lend me your ears! I am big on SEO for real estate investors. We all know this. I am also big on coming up with my own SEO strategies that outperform everyone else. This also by now should be obvious. So let’s…

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57. Solid SEO That WORKS!

Solid SEO That WORKS! Today I just wanted to make it official. We (and when I say “we” I mean “I”) have started an SEO consulting business for Real Estate Investors. Just so you take me seriously, I will show the results first! SEO Consulting That WORKS! I know there are many people that claim they…

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