Accomplishments do not define your worth, they are merely a measure of your potential’s potential!

So what can I say To Show You Are Awesome?

How about this to change your mindset..

Have you ever listened to podcasts where someone is interviewing some super successful REI?

You know what they all have in common? They ALL have a dramatic super tragedy to tell before they stepped up and became successful.

Kroll hated gras

The dude from F2F was cocky and lost it all

the list goes on.

True or not, here is what I took away from all this.

Assume you are intelligent.. and you have a good enough grasp on your conscious mind yeah?

Why wait till such a tragedy happens before your brain switches to primal survival mode? If you an pretend.. really pretend you are screwed bigtime and you need to make a deal to survive…

Would you not, step up and do whatever it took? Well I focused on this.  I stopped goofing off.

I am a freaking NASA robotics scientist, I have 4 friggin University degrees, and not in psychology, drama or business (sorry all you easy-way-to-get-a-degree folks out there ^_^ (kidding… or AM I..)… NO! I have  DEGREES degrees!! and these little punks.. make 6 times as much as I do out of highschool investing..

NO!! OH Hell no! Not on my watch.

So you can complain and whine.. like I did for a long time….

or you can step up.

So I did.

And I discovered the one single secret to being successful… (Not that I am.. but I hope to be on the way).

Want to know what it is?

Come back at the same MSOOTKAUG-Time and MSOOTKAUG-Channel to find out..

Kidding HA!

No here is the secret…


here goes:

Some people do half the work their competitors do. Those will fade away fast!

Others do the same amount. Those will forever struggle and never make it.

Others do a whopping 2 times the work their competitors do…


I don’t look at how much other people do, what they do, how often they do..


I invest every second I can possibly spare into my goals. irrelevant how much “more” that is others do. Period.

My only competitor, is the me from yesterday! I need to make sure I do 7 times more as I did yesterday!

Of course I know it is impossible to beat myself.. but you will be surprised  to see what you can do when you seriously try!

So here I am .

A NASA robotics scientist. Smart right?

It is a joke.

It is an illusion.

You with your psychology degree, and your drama degree… your drive makes you. Not your accomplishments.

Accomplishments are just a measure of your potential’s potential!

Hey, I just made that up! I am pretty good at this damn!

wait wait.. let me prettify this..

let me see.. hmmm

Accomplishments do not define your worth, they are merely a measure of your potential’s potential!

OMG I am awesome! This goes in my blog!

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