Assignment 1

OK so I got some interest in working together.

I will work on a private section of this site that is only viewable to the people that have sworn loyalty to MSOOTKAUG.

This way not everyone can stalk and use all my hard researched methods against me… I am all about sharing…. with people that give back.

OK so here are your assignments.

Get a google+ account, twitter and facebook account and youtbube for your business.

If you already have them, paste them in the comments below.

I will add you so I will follow you. Us liking and commenting and sharing each others posts, updates on your websites etc. etc will get an immediate boost in rankings. Boost is smell but at least it is immediate.

My google+:




Add me subscribe to me and I will do the same.

Keep this in mind. Chances are that more people may do business in one city. That is fine. There are deals for everyone. I encourage everyone to help each other. Just be honest and loyal to one another and be genuinely interested in helping each other succeed.

Do not copy other peoples hard work into making their site uniquely theirs. If you see something you like, contact the person and ask them for suggestions or tips. DO NOT COPY other people’s work!


So now please put all your channels in the comments. I will base this group out of the google+ platform. Whenever anyone posts something new, share and like it on your google+account. That way everyone sees that via their google+ account and then share their post, comment their post etc. etc.

Every little tiny thing helps!


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