7. Cash Buyers

StarDate: February 4


Well, this is counting my eggs before they hatch but…

I just sent out a bunch of mailers. This is a large highly targeted list. If I do get something under contract, would any of you be willing to walk me through the process? Maybe we can negotiate some compensation if that inspires you to help?

Maybe use one of your buyers?



I never took farming for buyers seriously. And I still do not. It always ends up last on my to do list because you do not readily see value in this untill you get a contract signed and then kick yourself in the ass wondering WHY you never took it more seriously. So Do NOT do what I did or what I am still not doing. Get buyers always constantly all the time now, now right now, stop eating, stop pooping.. get on craigslist and post your ads, get buyers now still always and forever! Get it?

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      Comment from “Games Green”

      Jerryll, building a buyer’s list is so easy it’s ridiculous.

      1)Go to a reia or meetup & introduce yourself as a new wholesaler looking for cash buyers. Have your business cards & you will get some!!

      2)Post on craigslist/backpage with a title like – “Distressed properties in xxxx – Wholesale!” Then in the body put something like – “the name of your company” has many properties coming up in our pipeline over the next several weeks. Reply with your info & criteria to be added to our VIP buyer’s list,…” You would post this in the Real Estate Services section. In fact, go there yourself and see what other wholesalers have posted & “borrow” their ad but changing it to fit you.

      Run the add 2-3 times a week, with at least 48 hrs in between and you will build a list.

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