Marketing Continues

Awesome Marketing Postcard

We have been really busy with the house we purchased in December, and we are writing all about it on our house flipping blog. We are doing an amazing flip. So far it has been […]

How To Start

  WOW.. ok listen up everyone. I am getting a TON of messages on help on how to get started. Well first read my blog. But I will give you a crash course… 1 FORGET […]

My First Pay Check!!

StarDate: June 8  – My First Pay Check!! Well it finally happened. I did it. All the effort and work. From ground zero to my first check. It took me a whopping 5 MONTHS to […]


StarDate: June 1  – FOUND A BUYER!! I was SO happy when I got this contract signed. My first, and only one thus far. If you followed my adventures  you would know it was hell […]

Selling my signed contract

StarDate: May 13  – Selling my signed contract! Today I posted my FIRST marketplace ad!! Go Jerryll. OK let’s make money!! How pretty is that analysis huh? 🙂

My Marketing Secret

StarDate: May 12  – My Marketing Secret I keep being asked. “Hey Smeagles…. what is your secret to such a huge return rate when marketing?” I have ALWAYS kept my marketing strategies a secret, but people just do […]

When I am Filthy

StarDate: May 12 – When I am Filthy (Rich) When I am filthy (rich) and famous and stuck up, and think non y’all are worth my time… I will design and built my very own ironman suit […]

I hate wholesaling

StarDate: May 12  – I hate wholesaling!!! Yeah I am finally follow upping! I created a new word! So I checked out 2 houses today. One condo… one multifam. MAN I tell you , being charming […]

More calls coming in

StarDate: May 7  – I GOT A CONTRACT!!! Calls are still coming in, and people still responding with “well it depends how much you will offer”, when I ask them if they are interested in selling […]


StarDate: May 6  – I GOT A CONTRACT!!! As you can see from my starDate Log, I have been quiet for a long time. I was in no mood to write! As mentioned before, this is […]