Closing Your Real Estate Deal: Pay DAY!

Let me first dedicate this song to…. ME!



Last part of this damn process… CLOSING TIME

This is what it is all about my little nutcrackers! Pay DAY!! You worked on your real estate investing website, for whatever city you want to invest in, you wrote quality content and you minded your SEO. You worked on your site’s credibility and you saw traffic come in. Your business infrastructure is now set up! You are ready to hit the start button and start up this lead generating machine. Leads come in, you talk to them, and you sign a contract. Half the work is done. The hardest part is done. If you signed a good deal and you did if you did a good property analysis, you should now have no problem assigning the contract to an back end buyer. Market the contract and you will be amazed how many buyers are going to beg you to be on your buyers list.

Getting your first Real Estate wholesale check
Granted this is my smallest WholeSale Fee to date… it was the easiest and the quickest as well. $9,000.00

So this is a short post. Why? Because there is nothing left to do but enjoy a lovely Xmas! Seriously for a sec. Was this not just too easy? I have now taken you through the ENTIRE process. From beginning to paycheck. And not only once, but now twice. Our awesome lead generating website harvesting us leads in Meriden CT caught us an other $9K lead!

The first time in the beginning section of this blog. At that time I had no idea what I was doing and I wrote down what I did step by step, good or bed, correct or wrong. This time I again wrote it all down but this time I knew exactly what I was doing. All in all, it was about 4-6 hours of work (including driving to the location several times and the dive was about 40 minutes one way). Not bad huh. $9K for just half a day’s work! I want to thank you, the little guy, the academy and…. ^_^

Now what?

Well… repeat !!

Take What You Learned And Start Doing

Are you still just following along drooling wishing anting? You SUCK monkey ballz!! WTF are you doing! Get off your ass and get a website and start livin it up! Stop dreaming Start Doing! Click the carrot below and take action! Yes it cost money boohoo. You make one deal and you get it back 1000x

Seriously for a second. I have tried the free websites. In fact my free site is STILL online. Check it out. Well I was going to post the link here but that site is so horrendous I am afraid it will pull my blog down because of the bad rank, so I will just post a screenshot of that horrible free site.

Free Wix We Buy Houses In CT site

Believe me. I worked on it for months. No matter what  did I could not beat a single Investor Carrot site. I wasted a lot of time on this crap, and I wished someone had told me back then to just go for Investor Carrot. So I am Telling you NOW! Just trust me on this one. Going for Investor Carrot is the one item over all that made us successful!

Free Real Estate Investor Live Training - Space is limited Sign Up Now
Free Real Estate Investor Live Training – Space is limited Sign Up Now

Check out this free webinar. See for yourself if this is something for you.  If you do sign up and go for the Investor Carrot site, please let me know. I will help you set it up and will give you step by step tasks to get you on top of the google ranks!

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