ENOUGH Struggling, Start Ranking!

Let me tell you what it means to be in the top 3 positions in the SERP ( search results).

Basically you will get free leads every day. That means for real estate investors about a paycheck of about $20,000.00 – $50,000.00+ a MONTH!! (if you know how to get a contract signed).

ENOUGH Struggling, Start Ranking!

Just to show you that this is not some BS propaganda. While I was in Zurich,  stuffing my face with chocolate, 1, I repeat ONE lead opted into my website, we bought the house and doing a flip that will give us a profit (estimated) of $110,000.00 to $120,000.00 profit in 8 weeks for rehab. That translates to about $55,000.00 a MONTH. And that is just from ONE lead.

Now imagine getting 2, 3, 5 leads A DAY. Your salary could easily ramp up to $100,000.00 a MONTH. That would be just 1 flip and 1 wholesale deal. 2 leads!

Let me show you want being in the top 3 in google looks like:

Each little ball is a click. This is just the upper section of my homepage. There are a ton more little colorful little ballies below the fold. Being in the top 3 mean “you will become rich”.

With this post I am not being funny, I have no sense of humor today I am actually pretty pissed off. One of our stalking competitors have beat us in ranking dropping us to the 5th position for our keywords. Guess what. ALL LEADS STOPPED!!!!

Lucky for us I am still damn good at direct mail marketing, but it is EXPENSIVE and annoying and time consuming.

So with this post I have a very specific goal. I need to start reclaiming my position, and I already have very secret weapons deployed for this. I will take over again.

In order to do this faster bigger and stronger we ALL need to work together.

So if you want to rank, and start not just seeing money… but  seriously getting more money than you can handle…. let me know in the comments that you are serious. I will then take your email and create a group where I will tell you exactly what I am doing to take over. None of that bullshit, shit you can find on google “how to rank in 30 days”. I am talking about advanced stuff I came up either myself or by digging really deep, watching hours of videos, taking all the information , extracting the rules the codes they why and how to, .. taking it all and device my own methods and put it on steroids. Think I am blowing hot air? Look at the picture of my search results further down this page… see if I am fibbing!

Wait, ok let me step back..

I am not begging for people to subscribe. I am actually LIMITING the people I will do this with. I want serious people that are desperate and determined to succeed just like I am.

Let me tell you a little about me. I didn’t start this REI because I wanted easy money, nor did I do it just because it was fun or I was bored. I HATED WORKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

I am not doing this to just replace my income working for someone else. Let me tell you all why the hell I am doing this.

I was living in Italy before I moved back to the USA 2 years ago. Because of my NASA background my reputation preceded me and any employer just kissed my ass. I did what I wanted. I worked from the Alps from the insanely beautiful beaches in Italy, from London, from Paris (believe it or not, with Ryanair, a ticket to the big cities all over Europe was about 9 to 24 euros (pretty much same as dollars).

So I went for a friday night to Madrid to eat Paella, and flew back a few hours later. Went to UK to eat a muffin and have tea, to france to drink wine and eat a croissant.. I am not kidding. I actually did that just because it was a crazy awesome thing to do.


I got used to living like that. Why am I telling you this?

I decided I do not want to slave for someone else. I would NEVER be able to live a free life like this working for someone else. It is not the working for someone else that is the real deterrent. It is the money.

Money can’t buy happiness .. oh kiss my marble sculpted assbum! Oh YES it DOES!!

Let me ask you something. If I gave you a Lambo today, would that make you happy? huh?

If your loved one was seriously ill, and I paid for the trip and for the best doctors to make them feel better, would you be happy? huh? HUH?

If I gave you 3 million dollars and told you, dear Jack, your mom and dad now don’t have to work a single day for the rest of their lives, WOULD THAT  &$(#&@ MAKE YOU HAPPY?! HAUH?

Yes? Then Shut UP!

I don’t do this because I want to “make it”. I am not doing this because I want to have a bit more money.

I am doing this to become FILTHY rich. I mean SERIOUSLY  wealthy.












You won’t even get there by doing  ridiculous amount of effort. You will only get there if you are doing obsessively more than anyone else is doing.

If you are with me. If you are willing to work harder than you ever have before. If you are honest, loyal, finish what you start, let me know in the comment below. I need a group of crazy obsessed people like me that will follow instruction, that are not lazy, that I can count on doing what they say they will do… I will teach them all there is to know to get ranked. In order for me to rank, I need you to get ranked as well. It is a win win situation.

Is this me just doing you a favor? No. I need a group of people to have all our sites rank. It is just easier.

Let me give you an example why I need a group.

Google works with something called PA and DA.

PageRank (PA) and Domain Rank (DA).

Bounce rate, CTR, many more terms, I won’t explain right now not knowing if there is any interest.

But back to PA and DA. Each have a score:

So my PA score is: 29 and my DA score is:17.

It is not bad, but definitely not amazing. As you can tell I have only 8 backlinks. So for my score the way it is and just having 8 backlinks, that is pretty amazing that I am ranking high. This means my onsite and off site SEO is flawless. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It basically is what you do on your site (on-site SEO) like the copy.. what you write, and off site SEO, your presence online that is not on your site, for example your business facebook page, your youtube presence, google+ activity, twitter activity etc etc.

If 200 people like your video, share your posts on FB and retweet your tweets, google will see that and will “think” oh wow. So many people liked and shared it. The post must be very relevant to the keywords they have entered (we buy houses in).. so I will rank them higher because more people would probably get value out of reading the post.

And boom google ranks you higher.

So if we established a group where we constantly liked, shared, commented on etc etc on all our posts we would all rank.

This is just an obvious example on why group teamwork benefits all. I have a few more seriously potent weapons that would really propel us forward.

I would like to know whom is with me. I do not absolutely need this to happen. There is enough I am doing on my own, but to make it means you have to be better than your competitor. And with this competitive market the smallest little thing could put you over the current highest score!


I will not just end this post without giving my followers 0 value.

Here are some pointers to start ranking. Get your stuff out there. If you just have just “a” website, forget it. If you were competing against me you would have no chance unless you have a million videos out there, a million citations/mentions/ blog posts, city pages and websites.

Let me give you an example:

Doing a search on sell my house fast and the city I am investing in “bridgeport”.

Check the first page of google.

Wherever there is an arrow, that is me. I pretty much dominate the first page for that keyword. Correct, not just the number 1 spot.. ohh no, the entire stinkin page is mine! Anyone looking to sell their house and typed in the phrase “need to sell my house in bridgeport ct fast” guess what… MY phone will ring!

Oh and the best thing is, that we are getting noticed.

I was approached to do an interview with Joe Fairless.

Find the interview here..

JF856: NASA Scientist Flips Houses to Fund Robot Project

Hope you will “like” comment, and interact. It will give me a higher score, and in return, it will give you a higher score when I link my blog to your website!

All for one and one for all.

Everyone is competing against each other. Not many stand together. Can you imagine how powerful we will be when we stand together all boosting each other up? We will outrank everyone!

You can do this. You do not need to pay some SEO company 1000 dollars a month. I am doing it. You can too. If we all form a team… we can do this in record time.

Let me know what you think in the comments.






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22 thoughts on “ENOUGH Struggling, Start Ranking!

    • Author gravatar

      Love the approach to helping each other succeed Jerryll!

    • Author gravatar

      Let’s do this

    • Author gravatar

      I love it! I created my website a couple weeks back and have a couple 1st page results in smaller cities but by in large I am anywhere from being on the 2nd to 3rd page for searches I really hope to rank for in the long term… That’s AMAZING that’s you have MULTIPLE top-ranking results for that search! Also I am 100% with you in working for oneself rather than cubicle-prison. I work for myself and though not anywhere near wealthy (YET) the freedom is priceless 😀

      • Author gravatar

        Absolutely. Man if you can rank that fast in your market you are SET! Most investors will take it easy as they are ranking already. That is great. You do not do that. Here is what you do. Keep adding keywords to rank for. Every day write a page for the next keyword to rank for. Guess what will happen. In a month you will rank for any and all keywords anyone that need to sell their house will type in. You dominated that market!
        One thing though. Ranking is not everything. Your site needs to look credible and needs to convert.
        But you got the right idea! Keep it up!

    • Author gravatar


      Thank you for chatting with me for a while today. I already implemented some of your suggestions to my page: color scheme, logo, copy improvement and a few other things SEO-related. And I’m just getting started. Plenty more improvements to make- just can’t do them all in one day! Good stuff. Looking forward to doing more collaboration and brainstorming.

      • Author gravatar

        Damn dude. Your site looks AWESOME!!!! Now I am jealous! Good job.
        Keep one thing in mind. All the pictures where you have that very relevant text in there, google doesnt see it. Be careful not to sacrifice SEO for user friendly content. It needs to be a solid compromise.
        The best keywords you have are now pictures. You are taking great opportunity away for ranking for those keywords.
        But other than that. It looks A LOT better! Unique and inviting!

    • Author gravatar

      Thanks Jerryl!

      Guys – I found this blog a few days ago from joining Bigger Pockets and finding some great content/posts from Jerryl. They were so good that I messaged Jerryl asking for advice as a total newbie. This morning I just chatted with Jerryl on the phone and he gave me a lot of great insight on how to tighten up my copy, switch out my amateur looking photo for something more professional, and make some SEO changes. I got into REI via a “Guru’s” $500 course without an option of ever interacting with said expert and here Jerryl was nice enough to give me 10 minutes of his time just because.

      To all of our success!

      • Author gravatar

        ha ha dude. not a problem man. Implement those changes and constantly update your site. Remember to reindex your site to google so google sees the changes immediately. I am no guru though. I just did a ton of my own research and I know what I have to do. I am also constantly learning. So if you guys find out something useful, let me know too!

      • Author gravatar

        Hey, just looked at your site. I would remove the pic of the girl. It looks like a model pic. No one will believe you are credible that way. You don’t need to have a beautiful model-like partner (like I do ^_^). Remember a motivated seller needs their house sold. They don’t care whom will give them the money as long as they get someone to buy their house. Your task here is to show you are able and capable of buying their house. So, that means you need to show them you are credible. I would remove all pics in the call to action box. That section is there NOT to give distractions. Having a pic there is a distraction.
        Remove it quickly. Once someone thinks you are not credible it will be difficult to redeem yourself!

    • […] ENOUGH Struggling, Start Ranking! […]

    • Author gravatar

      Wow, absolutely blown away by how freely you give, Jerryll! I found you on the BP blogs, I think commenting on whether Cody Sperber’s program is worth it (sorry, I’m going on 18 hours of research the last couple of days so can’t remember exactly). I’m not sure if I’d qualify for this program because I literally have no idea about creating websites except I do know that Google has this secret algo that decides who gets ranked and how high based on a bunch of different things. Bottom line though is that I’m now obsessed with making it in real estate investing and I’m taking massive action to make it happen. I do have a domain and a website for my real estate business that’s like 20% done and I’m stuck, so I don’t even know if it’ll qualify for this exercise but I’m definitely willing to help out. I’m absolutely stunned that only four people have volunteered for this. I also have to mention that I love your blogging style. Anyway, if it’s not too late and if somehow you could benefit from me getting on board with this, hit me up and I’d be glad to help you out however I can.

      • Author gravatar

        Hey yeah, this only works if everyone gets on board 100%. The intention is there but then it dies out. I still try to like and share other peoples updates but if they do not tell me they have added a video or a post it is just more work for me to visit everyone’s twitter to see if they updated anything. The trick with this entire game is not to ever give up. If you want your website ranked, follow this blog, and do a search for Brian Dean. He is the best thing I have found so far. Learn from him and then create your own style that is unique to rank. Remember if everyone does the same thing (including the stuff BD teaches) you wont rank. You need to be bigger better and unique. Just focus on step one for now. When that is done you go to step 2!

    • Author gravatar

      Jerryll – I’m pretty lost with all this web stuff but I’m gonna get it. You are a true inspiration and I’m grateful for everything you write and all the help you offer. 🙂

    • Author gravatar

      Hi Jerryll, I’m really impressed with your stuff. Like Anton, I discovered you on the BP blogs. I’ve been reading this blog like crazy, trying to emulate some of your strategies with my own website in Utah. Will you kindly add my email address and share some of your secret sauce?

    • Author gravatar

      Jerryll, I, like many others found you on BP, and also after commenting on either Cody Sperber or a direct mail question. Not sure which one to be honest. As I said before, I work full time now and I’m just getting started, but the goal is to quick butt in this and transition to full time within the next two years so my wife can stop working and we can be filthy like you! Please add me to this group and I will do whatever it takes to make this work! Let’s GO!!

      • Author gravatar

        Filthy is AWESOME!!
        haaa ha ha ha

        I just took a whiff of my pit (money pit?) and I fainted almost of delight

        Dude this is what you do.
        Make your site super credible. Once that is done, do a DMM campaign. You SHOULD be making a deal immediately, if your credibility is on point and have a good list to market to. Easy easy peasy

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