Awesome Marketing Postcard

Marketing Continues

We have been really busy with the house we purchased in December, and we are writing all about it on our house flipping blog. We are doing an amazing flip. So far it has been incredible.

We had an agent walk by today to give us the spiffy on the direction we were heading She was amazed. She saw the house before we purchased it (we always make sure the house is a good buy by asking a competent and knowledgeable agent). When she saw it now she saw the potential and her eyes lit up. “OMG look at the fireplace, look at the space”.

I think in 2 months you all will read an other great success story on BiggerPockets… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

If you want to follow our flip, feel free to visit us at “the OMFG This Is The Friggin Bestestsests Flipping Blog Evurr!”


But this is not the flipping blog.

We are The Mighty Investors!

Back to Marketing!

So you would like to know what we are doing for our next big deal.

We are leveraging both direct mail marketing and SEO Content marketing. If you missed the previous instalment if this freeeeking awesome blog, check out the sneak peek behind the scenes of our we buy houses in CT fast, website.

But alas…

Well we are doing our next round of marketing. We are now doing something different. From now on we will not stop marketing and we will be sending a bunch of marketing pieces .. every. stinkin. week! That’s right my silly muffins. Every week! So that means there will be no break in calls coming in.

Why are we so confident? We are having renewed sources of cash ready eager and willing to buy from us.

So here are the details. We have sent out 3000 pieces this week that will land soon (ish). Will we be sending 3K a week? Maybe.. maybe not. But I can tell you that we have set aside a huge budget for this. One way to crush the competition is to outmarket them. And that is what I am doing. So if you are a competitor.. you better fork over 4K marketing pieces a week HA! AND… have a secret marketing piece that can not be overlooked or skipped. And that my silly goofballs, is what we have!

Awesome Marketing Postcard

If you want to know the result of the marketing and find out what how when where we are doing it…

all you have to do is ask on here!

Why We ALMOST Failed!

Let me tell you all a little story when we just started this venture.

We had little money. Lots of brains.. but little money! I was fed up with working for a boss. FED UP!

In fact I was SO fed up I became delusional. Something took over. Primal strength determination and awesomeness. I didn’t care I was quitting and taking things in my own hands.

I marketed that 100 dollars as if it was my Bitch!! I was it’s daddy and I was the papi supreme of that 100 bill.

And I made a deal. I made 14K. However.. by the time it took  me to  make that 14K about 2 to 3 months passed.. and that primal awesomeness slowly faded as I was hustling against time and depleting funds for that deal.

When I did make that deal, guess what happened. I was afraid. Afraid to lose that money. Afraid to spend it on marketing. So what happens? You keep telling yourself “ok I will market… soon”. But you never do. As time passes by, and you have bills to pay, food to buy, porn to subscribe to… before you know it, you have no money left to market.. and then.. game over!

We had to take out our retirement to continue marketing! Imagine THAT!! But it paid off (BIG time).


So here is what we have learned…

When you are pushed into a corner, you sprout fangs!  When I was fed-up working for the man, I was brave and made that 100 dollars my bitch. Then you make money and become a wuss.

This is what I have noticed. No matter how successful you are, if you are not constantly pushing yourself into your uncomfortable zone, you will never advance! So THAT is why we are now spending crazy amounts in marketing. We need to stay in our uncomfortable zone so we can grow exponentially.

That my silly muffins is how we do it!

Now comment with  some awesome worshipping praises!


On a side note. I am getting a lot of spammy comments on this blog … that is a really good sign!! We are now getting noticed on this blog which is pretty unprecedented as this blog is brand new. Usually it takes about 8 months before people start organically notice your blog!

So if you want to use our popularity and google ranking score power to propel your site up, talk to me. I help those that help me!

Let’s connect and help each other rank!



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