25. My First Pay Check!!

StarDate: June 8  – My First Pay Check!!

Well, it finally happened. I did it.

All the effort and work. From ground zero to my first check. It took me a whopping 5 MONTHS to get my first check but I don’t care. It works. I did it. I am no longer trying to make money, I now have made money doing REI. So officially I am now a Real Estate Investor!

I got a deal under contract, found a buyer, closed it, and received my first check. $14,000.-

Now just repeat I suppose…

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Isn’t she beautiful?  😀 😀

So little silly newbies. I am no longer one of you! I graduated to  “I made a deal ” status. But no worries, I shan’t forget you, little people! This blog will help you accomplish the same!

Go for it! GOod luck.

Next, I will continue this blog, but it will be a different chapter, a different topic.

Which topic?

hmm, not sure.

Maybe scaling my business?

Maybe I shouldn’t go so fast and just call the next section “The road to a second deal”.. yeah that seems more appropriate!


Either way.. I did IT!!

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8 thoughts on “25. My First Pay Check!!

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      Very inspiring bud. I am looking to go under contract hopefully soon on my 1st deal too. Love to talk further and possibly JV on other deals!

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        Make it happen. The first one is very important. As of now (if you are like me), it was all new to me. I had no idea if what I was doing would work. If I did things correctly…

        But once you have that first paycheck you KNOW whatever it is you did, works! This boost in confidence will boost you up like you wouldn’t believe. I became relentless.
        I have never made a wholesale deal below 14K.
        Why? because I am now really good at what I do because I know in my head, what I am doing works. I tell myself, I am better than the average guy out there and once you believe it, you live it. (which is not the same as have an ego)
        Yes keep sharing your progress here and I will support and guide you with advice whenever I can

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      This is great, man. Hard work pays off and you’re seeing the fruits of your labor.

      Hey, my website is http://www.bayareasellmyhome.com and wanted to see if you could give me some marketing pointers on how to increase traffic and conversions. I’m in a large metro and stuck on page 3. Barely getting any looks unless they’re from PPC!

      • Author gravatar

        I looked at your site. Here are the immediate things you need to change immediately (if it was my site).
        When your site loads up… the first thing you see (the image on your screen without scrolling down), is what is called “above the fold”.
        People landing on your site need to see immediately what the site is about. Ideally they should know what the site is about without reading anything.
        Now imagine you are a motivated seller in desperate need to sell your house.
        You see a ton of sites to choose from. You pick a site, and when it loads up you see what you see on your site.

        Your eyes will quickly skim what you see on the first page.
        What do you see?
        I see a vineyard. The image is so large it makes up the entire screen above the fold. The text is in white , in front of all the colors of the picture. You must do effort reading the text. As a desperate seller, I wouldn’t bother squinting my eyes to read it, I would go to a site like this

        Now look at that site…. being a desperate seller. BOOM a house in less than perfect shape clearly visible.
        On the bottom of the screen, black letters stand out on white background saying “Need to sell your house fast”?

        The site looks and feels like something to do with bad looking houses.
        They will be more likely to scroll down and see what we do.
        This is just one tip.
        Talk to me and I will see what else I can tell you.

        Don’t copy though. You NEED to be original to stand out. No matter in what state you are, no matter is someone is in a different state. Google does not care. Never copy always be original

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      Great point. I will start working on the format to get everything above the fold. Anything to improve the bounce rate and convert better. Now, how do I even get them TO the site? lol

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        You don’t have to get “everything” above the fold. The only purpose of the fold is give your visitor tan instant indication what your site is about. You are there to buy their house without the hassles in any condition and in cash. People look at pictures before they even think about reading anything. Good luck!

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        To get them to the site is a 2 way process. Get them immediately via any means necessary, like placing ads on craigslist.
        And secondly is a long term investment of getting your site to rank. This takes work and patience. But with my help it can speed up significantly 😉

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          I didn’t mean “everything” in a literal sense. I made some changes this morning that improve what a visitor initially sees upon visiting the site. Coincidentally I also watched a great video on craigslist marketing yesterday and will start creating some ads that VAs will post for me. I’ll forward you the link. Looking forward to that help you offer! 🙂

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