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2. My Introduction

StarDate: January 27 – My Introduction.


This is an old entry that I am transferring from my blog publicly hosted to my own private host on my/this website.

Any bold blue comments are comments I recently included in this blog as an “aftermath” thought on the entry now that we are very experienced investors. This should provide you with very valuable insight on things.

Hello Gurus, I am Jerryll.

Nerd, Geek, Half Ape, and tired of working for the man. So here is my story for anyone that cares.

Came from humble beginnings. Like most of you. I have spent a long time in college. Indeed a long time… 14 years give or take a year.  I officially live on a small island called Curacao… yet I had big dreams. I wanted to become an astronaut. So I got myself a scholarship and moved to the mighty USA. Fast forward… 5 degrees later, I was found by a robotics research institute in Pensacola Florida. After that NASA stole me, and then Italy bribed me with Gelato! My life has been fun, however living in Italy made me realize something. Tickets to key cities all over Europe literally cost under 10 euros, and thus started traveling like a madman.

Went to Spain for a night to Eat Paella, Went to France for a morning to eat a croissant, UK for tea, etc. etc. (and no I kid you not. tickets really were below 10 euros)

After a year of this, I decided to go back to the USA to find a way to do this how much as I wanted without having to worry about work and money. So I decided to put my resume out there again.  Put big letters that said “NASA” all over my resume and of course, it did the trick. Had a company on the line that threw big money at me.

Took the Job, made a ton of money, and… I was miserable! I needed to hurry up with my plans because I would not last a year doing this job.

So I decided to do real estate and started to get obsessed with it watching all these videos showcasing all these “normal” people making way much more I had ever dreamed of making with my fancy degrees and impressive NASA background. I was pissed, happy excited motivated and inspired.

Jerryll is going to do real estate. It is not rocket science…

My Introduction NASA poster

My Introduction NASA robonaut

Normal 1453936675 Nasa3

but even if it was, I am a rocket scientist after all!

Now that you know a bit more about me, let’s dive right into it with starting to get your first wholesale paycheck!

So if I am correct, you have a hard time starting yes? Been there. Read the next post how you just START right now!



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