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SEO vs PPC For Real Estate Investors The Epic Battle

SEO vs Pay Per Click (PPC) For Real Estate Investors

My little gringos, lend me your ears! I am big on SEO for real estate investors. We all know this. I am also big on coming up with my own SEO strategies that outperforms everyone else. This also by now should be obvious. So lets talk what a lot of investors are struggling with:  SEO vs PPC For Real Estate Investors.

I wish I could share my own developed SEO strategies with you all, but they are seriously SO powerful that if I openly shared them, my rankings would be in jeopardy if someone else just copied me. I still try to share what I can for free so you can still outrank anyone with all the free info I am giving away.

With this post I am going to try to make you see why you should take my teachings and methods seriously!

So…You know what I hate very very vellly much? All these Facebook marketing companies and all these PPC marketing companies boasting how amazing all these efforts are! That is such horse POOP. All you vultures suck monkeyballs. And not the clean ones you see in the wild. NO! those monkey balls you see in third country zoos where they do not wash them and they are all sweaty and stuff! with flies on them!


Let Me End This Stupid SEO Vs. Paid Marketing War Once And For All, Right Here, Right Now!

I will show you some facts that are not staged, picked out of the SERPs on the fly without any staging or editing. We are going to do a search for the most searched for keyword in my market and then we’re going to pick all the PPC ads we can find ranking first on the SERPs.

Before we get deep into this I do want to mention that the best way of doing things is of course leveraging all methods where they fit and apply. BUT were you to put SEO vs. paid advertising face to face… this is what you get:

I did a search for “We Buy Houses In Connecticut”.. the highest bidding keyword in my market. I found 3 competitors in the PPC section. 2 of them where ranking #1 (depending on the keywords) before I came along.


SEO vs Paid Advertising The Epic Battle

What you have to pay attention to in the following case studies is the amount of money they spend a month for the amount of clicks they receive from that money they spend. A worthy mention also is that these are click. Yes just clicks. These are not actual leads. So these are not actual people that fill in the forms. These are just people that click on the ad!

Secondly note the amount of organic clicks they get. This means the clicks they get from simply being int he search results, without any ads.

Lastly note how much those organic clicks are worth. Meaning how much would it cost to have the same number of clicks if you were to pay for the clicks. This is a good indication how much you would be saving on money for the amounts of clicks.

So let us dive in!

First Competitor

The first company was in business for a LONG time (over 11 years it seems). When I came along, they dropped from the ranks and the only way they can stay in business is by spending money on PPC. A fortune it seems!

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They spend over $5K a MONTH to get leads!

Now let’s look at the next competitor:

These guys (supposedly a woman is the lead here, I don’t buy it!) were the other #1 ranking site before I came along. As you can see they are constantly struggling with SEO . Now they recently got themselves a brand new (very pretty) little site.

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I guess they are now ramping up their SEO efforts. I will be sure to slap them back down don’t you worry!

Third Competitor.

Not much going on here. Looks like brand new group.

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Not much to say here. New site most likely!

Now lets compare these sexy guys:

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Now here is where you have to focus as this gets mind blowing.

As you can see… we are not fibbing when we say absolutely ZERO paid advertising. All clicks are organic. Meaning they are from people that just search Google using keywords we are targeting, AND keywords we are not targeting. Google trusts us so we are listed high pretty much the moment Google thinks they are looking for companies that buy houses.

Lets translate this a bit further:

For our competitors to much our results using PPC, they would have to spend over $6,000.00 a MONTH, while we get this for free! Now here is where things get mind boggling!

It would be impressive enough if we got for free, what they have to pay a fortune for. But it is way more impressive than that, and here is why. It is not just that we get for free what they have to pay for… no, not at all. We get FAR MORE leads (for free) than what they get by paying for it. There is a gigantic gap between the leads we are getting vs the leads they are getting.

We get about 10x their leads (and for free).


I had described in a previous post how you are in control of your future AND the future of your competitors. We decide who stays in business and who doesn’t. If I wanted them gone for good, I would make city pages for every market they invest in. Then I would choke them off Google (which I pretty much did). Now they are forced to do PPC, DMM, FB ads. If I now ALSO took over that source of leads, it would be game over for them.

Now does ANYONE still dare debating that your FB ads threatens SEO?!


Didnt think so!


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