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Capt’n’s Log – Aug 9, 2019: Don’t be bored little one, it’ll get better…

Yes shush! I know. I have no idea what is wrong with us. Look we get it we are spoiled. We get way too many leads and they are free. The effect is that if we lose a lead it really is not such a huge deal, but ye we need to stop this nonsense. We need to do a better job handling, playing, fondling and touching leads in sensitive places. Wait…

You now what, I am not even going there.

Let’s just move along. So today! August 9th 2019. Sheeet,  that is more than 10 days before last contact. WOW. Well we have a lot going on yeah? Here is what happened today:



Slowly we are making more time for this lead. She is so sweet and motivated. We need to get our game on damnit!



I am having Jess take over this lead. I have been super busy with a top secret SEO project. And it is taking all my time. But alas. This is what happened today. Don;t worry, the beginning sections of any lead is boring. But once there is a walkthrough and there is potential, things get interesting really fast! So lets, hope this lead will get interesting!

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