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Our Path To Success:

This Is How We Got Here. How Are You Getting There?

We are real. We struggled just like you have/are! We do not pretend we always had it under control because we did not! It was friggin hard, and it was hell. What follows next, is a true testament that with hard work and perseverance, you exponentially increase your chances to succeed.  I go to great lengths to put this content out there so you do not have to go through all the CRAP we have gone through. I hope you find value in this and I hope you make the right decisions so you will succeed. Success is AMAZING and you can get there. I will wait for you on the other side! Good Luck!


My Diary - From Newbie In REI To Success, And Everything in Between

This is not just some random blog with some guru's opinion on what you should do to make it in REI, as if they have any clue what you are going through, what it's like having no money, having kids that need attention, having a damn job that needs your time, what it truly is like being completely overwhelmed with all the information out there about flipping houses, wholesaling, and real estate investing in general making it simply impossible to just start. Yes, I have been there! Now let me tell you what this "blog" really is. This is a diary. When I was still new at this I wrote down everything I did, step by step, the good, the bad, the stupid and the brilliant ideas I had, the mistakes I made and the triumphs I had. I suggest you read the blog from beginning to end before you try to take the same steps I took, because I have made some mistakes I regret making.

Scheduling The Walkthrough

By MSOOTKAUG / August 15, 2019 /

How To: Real Estate Investing; The Mega Series! Capt’n’s Log – Aug 15, 2019: Another week goes by… More communication issues:   So we decided to just set up a…

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And More Lead Tag

By MSOOTKAUG / August 9, 2019 /

How To: Real Estate Investing; The Mega Series! Capt’n’s Log – Aug 9, 2019: Don’t be bored little one, it’ll get better… Yes shush! I know. I have no idea…

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Forced Traffic & Conversion

59. Forced Traffic & Conversion (FT&C) Strategy

By MSOOTKAUG / August 7, 2019 /

Forced Traffic & Conversion (FT&C) Strategy   Forced Traffic & Conversion is a strategy I have developed to speed up making money through Real Estate Investing, big time. This strategy…

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Playing Communication Tag

By MSOOTKAUG / July 27, 2019 /

How To: Real Estate Investing; The Mega Series! Capt’n’s Log – July 27, 2019: We are playing communication tag. Whoo hooo A few days later… It is now 27 of…

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An Adventure In Deal Making

By MSOOTKAUG / July 22, 2019 /

How To: Real Estate Investing; The Mega Series! Capt’n’s Log – July 22, 2019: The Life Of The Torrington Lead How to make money Investing In Real Estate (see what…

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58. SEO vs PPC For Real Estate Investors The Epic Battle

By MSOOTKAUG / May 5, 2019 /

SEO vs Pay Per Click (PPC) For Real Estate Investors My little gringos, lend me your ears! I am big on SEO for real estate investors. We all know this.…

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57. Solid SEO That WORKS!

By MSOOTKAUG / May 3, 2019 /

Solid SEO That WORKS! Today I just wanted to make it official. We (and when I say “we” I mean “I”) have started an SEO consulting business for Real Estate Investors.…

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56. Step 2: Get Your Real Estate Investor WebSite Set Up

By MSOOTKAUG / April 28, 2019 /

Step 2, of setting your investor carrot website up, will walk you through the back end side of your site, including setting up your Google Analytics Tracking Code, and Verifying ownership of your website. I KNOW right????? You are welcome Bubbles!

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55. Actionable Tips To Improve Your Credibility Score, SEO, And Lead Generation Part 1

By MSOOTKAUG / March 28, 2019 /

How To Improve Your Real Estate Investing Website’s SEO & Credibility. BEHOLD…The BEST Site In The WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! Everything Happens For A Reason. OK this burns my eyes every…

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How to chose a website for real estate investing

53. Step 1: Get Your Real Estate Investor WebSite Set Up

By MSOOTKAUG / March 23, 2018 /

When I started this post I just wanted to put down a few steps on what to do to get your site running. But as I typed I realized there is a lot of background info missing so this post turned into a huge article. But I promise you, this will be most likely the most impressive and most crucial article of this blog post to become a very successful and wealthy investor.

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