Our Path To Success:

This Is How We Got Here. How Are You Getting There?

We are real. We struggled just like you have/are! We do not pretend we always had it under control because we did not! It was friggin hard, and it was hell. What follows next, is a true testament that with hard work and perseverance, you exponentially increase your chances to succeed.  I go to great lengths to put this content out there so you do not have to go through all the CRAP we have gone through. I hope you find value in this and I hope you make the right decisions so you will succeed. Success is AMAZING and you can get there. I will wait for you on the other side! Good Luck!


My Diary - From Newbie In REI To Success, And Everything in Between

This is not just some random blog with some guru's opinion on what you should do to make it in REI, as if they have any clue what you are going through, what it's like having no money, having kids that need attention, having a damn job that needs your time, what it truly is like being completely overwhelmed with all the information out there about flipping houses, wholesaling, and real estate investing in general making it simply impossible to just start. Yes, I have been there! Now let me tell you what this "blog" really is. This is a diary. When I was still new at this I wrote down everything I did, step by step, the good, the bad, the stupid and the brilliant ideas I had, the mistakes I made and the triumphs I had. I suggest you read the blog from beginning to end before you try to take the same steps I took, because I have made some mistakes I regret making.


OMG My Phone Is Blowing UP!!

By MSOOTKAUG / February 11, 2016 /

The yellow letters finally arrived. I had no idea what to expect. This is my first marketing campaign. I just wanted to give an update on what was happening.

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8. Direct Mail Marketing

By MSOOTKAUG / February 7, 2016 /

It is so scary to fork out money on marketing. It feels like money disappears in thin air. Yeah yeah Marketing is an investment, not an expense. SHUT UP already. Marketing is a NIGHTMARE that’s what it is!

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7. Finding Cash Buyers

By MSOOTKAUG / February 4, 2016 /

Finding Cash Buyers Capt’n’s Log – February 4, 2016: How To Find Cash Buyers Worrying about finding cash buyers this early on may be counting my eggs before they hatch…

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6. What It Means To Be Successful

By MSOOTKAUG / February 3, 2016 /

As I travel along on this path every now and then doubts and fears creep in. This may be normal, but it can be dangerous. I finally can clearly see why so many people fail. Success is not just about “making it”. It is not about which actual steps one has to take towards this “making it”. It ALSO is largely about “not giving up”. Steps to take to lift you back up when you feel down. I see it now. And I am fortunate I do. Because now I can prepare myself for this…

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5. Full Time Real Estate Investing

By MSOOTKAUG / January 29, 2016 /

I am down, depressed.Work is kicking my ass and I see no light at the end of this dark long tunnel. I can give up and look for a job, or I can step up up and go at it harder. Full time real estate investing it is! Watch out CT I am taking over. You know what. Yes that is it. I will friggin take over CT and show myself I am better than everyone. One day I will be on top of the market looking back thinking how glad I was not to have given up!

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4. Get The Right Motivated Seller Marketing List!

By MSOOTKAUG / January 17, 2016 /

Getting a list is quite overwhelming. So many options and you need to select the right options, If you forget one, you may not be targeting people with a high potential of being interested in selling their house. To make matters worse, I have to market my mailers to this list for months and months. So not only is the list expensive… but the mailers you are sending to these people on the list is expensive. So a mistake to not Get The Right Marketing List will be a terrible one.

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3. How Do I Start Real Estate Investing

By MSOOTKAUG / January 11, 2016 /

I Am Determined, I Am Going To Do This… So How Do I Start?!   Remember. All text in Orange is written some time AFTER I wrote this blog entry.…

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2. My Introduction

By MSOOTKAUG / January 3, 2016 /

My Introduction Remember. All text in Orange is written some time AFTER I wrote this blog entry. I am writing the afterthoughts in so you do not make the same…

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How Do I Start Wholesaling

1. Humble Beginnings

By MSOOTKAUG / December 22, 2015 /

How To Start Wholesaling How Do I Start Wholesaling? How To Create A Wholesaling Business? How Do I start Making Money Investing In Real Estate?  Sounds familiar? No matter how…

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