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Our Path To Success:

This Is How We Got Here. How Are You Getting There?

We are real. We struggled just like you have/are! We do not pretend we always had it under control because we did not! It was friggin hard, and it was hell. What follows next, is a true testament that with hard work and perseverance, you exponentially increase your chances to succeed.  I go to great lengths to put this content out there so you do not have to go through all the CRAP we have gone through. I hope you find value in this and I hope you make the right decisions so you will succeed. Success is AMAZING and you can get there. I will wait for you on the other side! Good Luck!


My Diary - From Newbie In REI To Success, And Everything in Between

This is not just some random blog with some guru's opinion on what you should do to make it in REI, as if they have any clue what you are going through, what it's like having no money, having kids that need attention, having a damn job that needs your time, what it truly is like being completely overwhelmed with all the information out there about flipping houses, wholesaling, and real estate investing in general making it simply impossible to just start. Yes, I have been there! Now let me tell you what this "blog" really is. This is a diary. When I was still new at this I wrote down everything I did, step by step, the good, the bad, the stupid and the brilliant ideas I had, the mistakes I made and the triumphs I had. I suggest you read the blog from beginning to end before you try to take the same steps I took, because I have made some mistakes I regret making.

39. Practical SEO Tips For Investors

By MSOOTKAUG / July 1, 2017 /

Practical SEO Tips For Investors Practical SEO Tips For Investors! First! Why is this SEO so important? Well before my site was ranking 1 on the Goog… I spent about…

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38. Resurfacing

By MSOOTKAUG / April 22, 2017 /

It has been a while I know. Remember on my flipping blog where I was bragging how to find the perfect contractor? Well, turns out our contractor took the money…

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37. The Flip Is on the way

By MSOOTKAUG / March 24, 2017 /

The Flip Is On The Way! For the last few weeks, all leads have stopped again. I am starting to think that snow really is a lead deterrent. I am…

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34. Short Update

By MSOOTKAUG / January 27, 2017 /

I have been spending a lot of time on my website(s), direct mailing, and my awesome flip. If you have not seen my Flippin blog, you have GOT to check…

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30. Our House Flipping Blog

By MSOOTKAUG / January 16, 2017 /

We have been busy. We are still working hard on getting more deals but now our workload has increased significantly. We have decided to document our flip and to do…

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0. How To Start Wholesaling

By MSOOTKAUG / November 12, 2015 / Comments Off on 0. How To Start Wholesaling

How To Get Your First Wholesale Paycheck Within Months Of Starting! Hello everyone, and let me show you how to Get Your First Wholesale Paycheck! Caught your attention? Good! We…

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