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52. Got A Killer Lead In 3 Days

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Got A Killer Lead In 3 Days!

OK, this is nuts! Remember the last post I made about starting a page from scratch targeting a new city and getting leads from it? Remember me telling you I was not sure how long it would take? Well, Got A Killer Lead In 3 Days!

But there is more!!  Not only did we get a lead, but we also bought the damn house and we are now ready to flip it! whaaaaaaaat???

Dudes seriously.. I had no idea it would go so fast. After I posted the last entry I focused on getting that page up and running (from Scratch). I did all the SEO (on the page and off-page)  I could do (long term ranking), and then I placed a few Craigslist ads (as I talked about in the previous post) to instantly drive traffic to my site. Someone took the bait, followed the link to my site, liked what they saw, filled in the form, and after a walkthrough, negotiating, and a handshake, we bought a house in Putnam.

Here are the numbers.

  • Purchase Price $XXK (not willing to disclose this.. sorry)
  • Rehab Estimate: $105K
  • ARV: $250K

We Buy Houses In Putnam CT


The house is in bad shape. Actually not so much that it is in bad shape, it is gutted. Which is great for us. This is a typical investor’s dream house! The owner needed to sell fast. They were in dire need of cash so because we are reputable, have our own cash are honest and awesome we won them over and they decided to do business with us!

How Did We Buy A House So Easily?

Well, that is the “thing” right? There is no secret formula to this. Someone needs to sell their house. That someone will choose the investor that they feel can deliver. And that is what we did.

So the “secret” is simply this. You need a good website host. Then you need to design the website in such a way that when a motivated seller lands on it, they are won over. And let me give you some inside info here. Pretty clean good looking websites… DO NOT WORK!!!!  Don’t ask me why. I have found that the messier the site works better. So, of course, I did not like that. So I made a compromise between the “messy” look, but still nice-looking… I guess it worked!

So, We chose to target Putnam CT because it was an up-and-coming city with great potential. It is far enough from the “current” high competitive areas other investors target, and thus there is not a lot of competition.

So I set up a motivated home seller site targeting Putnam Connecticut and wrote highly targeted original content.

I also used the ads provided by Investor Carrot, to drive traffic to my site. As our site looks pretty different from anything that is out there, and our style is also very “real” (meaning you see Dixie and I just being genuine on there, with mistakes bloopers and all), it just resonated with this seller.

The specific add I used I will not share, (sorry but lately many of my followers started flat out copying my site, style and look of my site and that is not cool!), but any ad from carrot will work. These people really know what they are doing.

Find the ads here:

Investor Carrot FREE Craigslist Ads

Investor Carrot FREE Craigslist Ads

As promised. I will continue this adventure on my House Flipping Blog, called “ThatFlippinHouse“. Exciting… no?




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  1. mary on January 29, 2018 at 2:45 am

    Thats Awesome!!! I havent had much time to read your blog, actually not much at all :/
    Just busy with life. Im subdividing some land right now, and am sniffled from a bankruptcy, 2 loan modifications, and lots of mistakes.

    Love love love reading your blog, I can wait to get into building a new website, buying property & remodeling again… Really!

    Thanks for sharing & all the time you spend doing it


    • Jerryll on January 29, 2018 at 1:25 pm

      Mary, I am soo sorry to hear you are having a lot of obstacles. Just know this. My blog may seem so upbeat and positive, and even my failures are written in a light jokingly feel. This does not mean I am all smiles behind the keyboard. My point is, this is HARD. REALLY hard. Just so you know.. The first flip I did (and I only did 1 thus far), was a disaster. I had 70K in debt. Luckily I paid it all off within a 2 months. How? Because I didn’t give up. There are always reasons to stop. But if you do you really will have no way out. I know it is easy to say “ohh just dont give up”. In real life however it is a very different story. With the last 300 dollars in m bank account, I can try to live sparingly and guy some food… or I could buy my marketing, my website, my…. to try to get a deal. The crappy part is, it is not GUARANTEED that I WILL get leads if I spent my last 300 dollars on my business. Trust me… I have been there, and I can not tell you enough how happy I am that I took that risk. I got to pay off the debt in 2 months!! (wholesale deals). Now I am about to try this flipping thing again, as you know. But please let me know what I can do to help… If you plan on taking that risk like I did, do not do so lightly. Think about it carefully. If you DO decide you want to do it… let me know, and I will sit with you and get you all set up and I will train/teach you every step of the way. I am not kidding… I will hold your hand. I have been there, and it SUCKS! Doing this alone is not easy. Let me know.

      • mary on January 30, 2018 at 1:59 am

        Hey Jerryll,

        Thanks, I appreciate that! And I will be calling on you to help with my website. It looks like you have the expertise in that part & I, well not sure if you want to call it expertise but I have years… of experience in land development building & rehabbing/remodeling. Bankruptcy & loan modifications.
        I had 6 mortgages when the market tanked in 2008 – 2009. I filed bankruptcy and was able to pay off all but 3 mortgages that Im still paying. I didnt include these in the bankruptcy and opted to keep paying voluntarily.
        In 2013 I fell behind in 1 of the properties & did a very long drawn out modification. But I made it and was able to lower my payment by almost $1000. Then in 2015 my tenant stopped paying (funds were supposed to be put in escrow per their Attorney) But were not… I fell behind there and AGAIN went for the loan modification. My Attorney, my HUD counselor, and family said there is NO WAY Chase will do a loan modification on an investment property. I said, IM GOING FOR IT! A year and a half later after another very long drawn out stressful process I WAS APPROVED! Chase was able to lower my payment by almost $700+-.

        I dont claim to know everything but, I know that Im persistent to a fault & tenacious.

        Another mistake I made, go figure, trying to be so careful to build my credit & regain my good credit score, I didnt get any credit cards in the last 9 years. Business or personal figuring Id never get approved with a bankruptcy on my credit report. I was wrong!

        I had a hard time getting approved, because I didnt have any revolving accounts. I was lucky enough to get a Discover card and that gave me some history since last July. Then got a American Express & today got approved for a Bank of America Business card. So even if you think you wont get a card & waiting is a good idea, its not. start with any credit card to gain your credit score back. And not Kohls or Macys or Amazon. A regular revolving card. Nerdwallet & Wallethub have great reviews on best credit cards. Although I always go through the company you want the card from. You can talk with them if you get denied & possibly get approved. Thats what I just did with Bank of America.

        The moral to this story is be persistent no matter what! go without, keep reading blogs like Jerrylls ( it will keep your spirits up give you hope). You can always regain what you had or what your goals are by keep on going!!!

        Thanks again for taking all your time to let us know what & how you are doing it truly makes a difference!

        • Jerryll on February 2, 2018 at 12:35 pm

          Hey. yeah, worst thing you can do is nothing. Get a CC and use it wisely just to raise that score.
          Looks like you have a solid plan.
          Yes all you can do is get back up that horse and kill it. When you are ready let me know. I will help you out. And yes I could definitely use your help with your expertise!

  2. Better House Buyers on March 16, 2018 at 5:55 pm

    Awesome article. I love how carrot helps make it easy to get up and running in a new city. Can’t wait to see the final numbers on this one. Website up and a lead in 3 days Wow !! Congrats!!

    • Cash For Your CT House on March 16, 2018 at 8:20 pm

      Hey. Thanks! But my website has been up and ranking 1 on google for a while. What I did was create a new city page. But yes, carrot makes it VERY easy to rank 🙂
      I will share the numbers when we finally start. (we didn’t start the rehab yet…)

  3. DON on September 3, 2020 at 4:45 am


    • MSOOTKAUG on September 3, 2020 at 3:06 pm

      Not sure what you mean…

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