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54. How Do I Do SEO For My Real Estate Investing Website

How Do I Do SEO For My Real Estate Investing Website?

I keep being asked: How Can I Learn SEO? How Do I Do SEO For My Website? The mistake everyone makes is this. Everyone wants SEO done. They know everyone talks about it, they know it is good to have, but they have no idea what it REALLY is. How can you execute a plan based on a tool you have no idea to fully use and what the benefits of that tool are? I will show you the answer to your question: “How to do SEO for my real estate investing website”!  It all starts with What EXACTLY IS  SEO anyways?! Have I told you, peoples … we are friggin awesome yet?

NO? OMG.. well … We Are AWESOME!! (Do us a little favor? If you do go to this link, could you please share on FB? Awareness or lack thereof is the #1 reason not much is being done about these people in need. Thank you from the bottom of our egotistic lil hearts ♥♥♥) Let me know if you shared in the comments below. I would love to personally thank you for doing so…

Just so you will read this entire HUGE little article, I will give you the results right now.

And when you are #1 (#2, #3…)  This happens…

Do you know what happens when you are in this position? You make an INCREDIBLE amount of money. You will get SOO many leads you won’t know what do do with it! How Do I Know? Well sugarbumm, this is the situation we are facing now. We get leads is faster than we can process them!

If you are wondering what I am getting these awesome results because I am an SEO God… well let me crush that excuse.

We started doing SEO consulting and started telling people just like you what to do and… well… see for yourself:

A Dude Named Eric

Meet Eric, awwww so cute…. owner of PremierPropertyBuyers. He saw my results posted all over BiggerPockers, and obviously, he wanted the same (duh who doesn’t)! He knows absolutely NOTHING about SEO or website coding. And within a few months…

Number 1 in the competitive Southern California market for his Local results… and

Number 1 for the global results. In just a few months.

SO… yes even YOU can rank high without ANY knowledge of SEO. Sure granted I am consulting him one on one, and of course I am not sharing my in house developed all white-hat super secrets of SEO… but, with this blog alone.. you COULD get far on the google scale my silly little mortals!


OK so now you know we really ARE awesome.

If you want to know more about my consulting, just go to the bottom of the page. But don’t get toooo excited. I am only taking a handful of clients, and only ONE person per market. Now you have to just HOPE your competitors do not hire me. Because you WILL be screwed! I love you though 😀

The focus of this blog REALLY is doing SEO yourself FOR FREE!!

So now you KNOW that this is not just for my ridiculously super awesome, made by gay (as in happy) fairies, We Buy Houses In Connecticut site! You can do it too!  OK so now you should be convinced my methods work! So shut (the hell) up, focus, and pay attention because this will get good (and long).

The True Power Of SEO

With SEO I have the power to Not only get a ton of leads (HIGH-quality leads) for free, I also get to decide who stays in business and who gets bankrupt in my market!

HOW?   If you want to be the top dog in your market. READ ON!!

Do You Know What It Means To Rank #1 On Google?!


SEO = Search Engine Optimization. Yeah duh… I know. If you didn’t know this… I will buy you a ticket to CT and invite you to my home so I can bitch slap you 3 times!

What this means is simply this…

Search Engine Optimization:

Whatever you do, for Google to display your site first (high) on the search results page when someone does a search on Google

Being 1 in the search results will get you a lot of customers, no matter what business you are in. This is why people pay SEO companies a fortune to rank #1. No matter how much it costs, you are most likely going to get it back 10 fold if you convert this inflow of customers into leads and then deals.

It is an investment with a ridiculous ROI. If you know what you are doing or have someone that knows what they are doing, do it for you, it is the best possible marketing you can possibly do. Getting to be #1 is not easy, but once there it is doable to stay there by just maintaining that position.

What EXACTLY IS SEO Anyways?!

So everyone gives the same answer when someone asks about SEO. “You get leads for free online”… “And these leads are high quality leads as these are people begging YOU to buy their house vs you begging THEM to sell their house with other forms of marketing”.

BUT… Let me give you the REAL power of SEO through an (evil and brutal ) example…

So first… Let’s be honest. We all know what SEO RRRRRREAAALLY stands for right?

SEO stands for Seriously Evil Ostriches.

This is what Googlunleashes on yo Butt when you don’t take Search Engine Optimization seriously. It is such an underappreciated weapon people just ignore and it is beyond me why!

So, How DO I do SEO For My Real Estate Investing Website?

When you master SEO you are pretty much a God online. You control your business and more importantly you control other people’s businesses. You sit on your throne and pass judgment who gets to live and who doesn’t.

Wait for what????

Let me give you a brutal example of what power you actually have on others. Long long long ago there was this awesome little monkey. He was minding his own business is awesome, cute, sexy as hell, helping fairies build him the best website in the world. Ohh really important fact… He was SUPER SEXY OMAGAAHH!!!

Then the Evil Butthole Of The West saw how awesome his site was and decided to copy the copywriting, layout and my…  oh sorry, I mean his brilliant ideas. ahem… The awesome little monkey said.. “oh no you don’t! you little poop

So the overlord supreme (the little monkey) of the GooglSERPs (search results) decided to pass judgment! The Lil monkey checked which cities the Evil Butthole Of The West was doing deals in.. and did a Googlsearch to see where they ranked. And yup,…

they ranked #1

You dare to copy me… MEEE MEEEEEEE and think you will get away with it? … he said.

Destroy Your Competition… (If You Want To)

The monkey checked to see which cities the Evil Butthole Of The West invests in and he took them ALL.. by creating specific city pages on his site targeting those cities the sad little butt of the west invests in.

EVERY single one of them.

How long do you think it took to overtake him? ONE DAY!! Why? How? It is called Google trust. Googltrust happens when you have proved to  Google you are as sexy as hell. When Googltrusts you.. this happens…

Consider this…

Branding Your Company Is Important!

The word “Xerox” is a brand name correct? It has become such a strong brand that now people use it as an actual word. “I have to Xerox this document”= I need to photocopy this document.

So now when you type “Xerox” int Google, Google knows you actually mean Xerox the company and this happens…

This happens because GooglKNOWS Xerox is a company. Now similarly.. in my market… the keyword “We buy houses in Connecticut” is the number 1 typed in a keyword to find companies that offer services of buying houses for cash. Well, guess what happens when your company is now so sexy and has Googltrust?

Yup, Googlnow actually thinks that when someone types in that keyword, they are SPECIFICALLY looking for the company CALLED “We Buy Houses In Connecticut”…

And THAT company shows up.. like so:

But that is not all. See “Mini links”? That increases Click through rate drastically… leaving competitors in the seh-MOKE!

How To Brand Your Company

Branding your company (like Xerox did) is one thing. Making google think your company is a brand is completely another, but the principle remains. How does the community think you are a brand (like xerox)? Simple. You have to become an authority in that market. You become known, the go-to- business in the technology, the leader. (Have you noticed “Google” is a brand too? “How do you stop my dog from humping my cat”? Reply: “Google it you, Dumbass“.  Google, the word now means something).

Branding your company is no different in Google‘s eyes. Become the authority, the leader. How? Google needs to see people are talking about you, you need to be the authority in the business, have an internet presence. Have you noticed that in my blog I m quite vague sometimes? I have to because people STEAL everything from me. I only show you the TIP of my iceberg.. damn that sounded dirty didn’t it. Only a select few get the full scope of my SEO godly knowledge. Yup I started consulting and only those that work with me get this power! You must be thinking… DAMN this SEO stuff is interesting.. huh?

Well Not even close to being done here, Silly Butt. So shut up, sit down and FOCUS!!

Look what the first page of Googllooks like for someone with godly SEO skills…

Everywhere there is a blue arrow. It is us! We absolutely DOMINATE the first page of Google. Now for those that have NOT me in their market (Sorry NY investors…. I am taking over every city in NY starting with Westchester NY) .. be happy… Gaadamn it be VERY Happy!! But for those unfortunate souls that have to deal with an evil maniacal little monkey… life sucks! WHY?

Let me show you why pumpkin.

SEO Gives You Control Over Your Market And Your Competitors Market.

Think about it… how would YOU get leads if some butt monkey is hogging Google?

  • PPC?
  • Direct Mail Marketing..?
  • Bandit Signs?
  • … right? .. and here is where SEO REALLY works for me.


Have you seen the sites that do PPC? Often they know NOTHING about SEO and let SEO companies take over… well SEO companies ONLY do SEO. they do nothing about your conversion tactics or credibility score.

So when users see their sites.. they SUCK. Seriously horrible sites.. and as I am #1 they obviously see my site and my site.. as mentioned before.. is the best site in the world (as fairies made it).. they simply get more motivated to choose me because well duh… I am credible and awesome. (well so they think).


For Direct mail marketing.. this is even MORE brutal. So a potential seller gets a weird yellow mailer: …

Margarette: “Hey George… GEORGE. GEORGE you old senile freak I am TALKING to you!”

George: ” Good lord I’m right next to you woman, what do you want you old hag!”

Margarette: “well you old prune, I just got a card here I the mail with this young man wanting to buy our house in cash, how odd”

George: “That can’t be real Margarette… WHO buys houses in cash.. just Google you will see I am right”

So dear old Margarette Googles:

  1. We Buy Houses In Connecticut
  2. Sell my house in Connecticut
  3. who buys houses in Connecticut
  4. cash for houses in Connecticut

Guess who is on top of the list? And a NASA scientist no less, helping old people walk again through robotics (CREDIBILITY)

ME! Don’t believe me?


Bandit Signs?

Oh please, I won’t even go there. What looks shadier, and screams for “Google me”, than a nasty sign stapled to a street pole with “We Buy Houses” written on it. More so, no one will remember the phone number on such signs, so when they are interested and try to contact the owner of such a sign, what will they do? Yup Google: “We Buy Houses In Connecticut“, and 3 guesses who will be on top of the search results? Moi!

This is the most interesting part and this shows off Google Trust. I do not put bandit signs out. I think it is juvenile, too much work, and ILLEGAL! BUT…

Look what happens if Margarette happens to see a bandit sign on the street. Imagine she can’t remember the phone number on the sign.

So she would Google .. maybe:  “who puts we buy houses signs in Connecticut?“. Do your kids want to see the result? Yes? I bet you do!

Who do you think will get this lead (that our competitors spent so much money and trouble to nurture?

Can you start to realize how powerful this is?

SEO Is King If You Know How To Use It Cleverly (Evilly?)

So not only aren’t they getting any leads organically.. even DMM, Bandit Signs, or PPC is giving ME most of their leads.. why?? SIMPLY because I am better at SEO than they are! Bragging much? You still do not get it to do you. It is irrelevant if I am bragging or not. The underlying message remains. Everything I mentioned here is the truth. The screenshots are obvious proof. So if this is true, then I proved my point. No marketing beats SEO!

So… Tell me again.. what is the best form of marketing?


Why You Shouldn’t Hire A SEO Company To Do Your SEO

As you can see I beat every SEO company that takes on clients in CT! How do I know? Because I rank #1 duh. So how can that be?? That is what they do, that is their bread and butter, and I am just a little monkey punk with a big mouth that took on SEO on my own… yet here I am, no one can touch me. MUUUHAHAHAHAHA

And this is exactly why I am untouchable (and obviously a severe case of being very humble!). An SEO company needs to do SEO for how many people? A lot. If you do SEO for 2 sites, why would site #1 outperform site #2 if you are doing the same SEO stuff for both? Not going to happen. Do you think an SEO company is going to spend 3, 5, 12 hours working on your site when they have 30 more customers that need SEO lovin from them? Uhhh..No!

Take me for instance. I breathe SEO, eat SEO, Poop SEO, I make sweet love to SEO, I make not so sweet even rough, maybe a little perverted love to SEO, 10, 12, 14 hours a day. I come up with novel completely unique SEO techniques (which I am obviously not sharing unless you hire me for a consulting gig!). Yes, you are not going to beat me with SEO (easily). Don’t care how big of a company you are. The FACT you are an SEO company IS your weakness, going against me!

An SEO company has no chance with the dedication drive and obsession an individual will put into for their own company. So I know this reply feels like a lot of bragging… but it is done purposely. No really…

With Great SEO Power Comes Great Responsibility

I can put ANYONE in my market out of business eventually by taking over their market… driving them to spend a fortune on marketing and in the process taking all their leads THEY paid for… All because of SEO. Should you?

Of course, you shouldn’t. There are deals for everyone..OMG I am so so so sorry. I couldn’t write this with a straight face. HA HA HA Yes you moron you should! DESTROY, Annihilate, OBLITERATE, CRUSH, your competition. Why? Being at the top is not about being the best one. Someone else will always be better than you, just wait long enough and you will be overtaken. no no.. my sweet little gringos…

The saying goes.. “to be on top you need to be sure you are the ONLY one!” Yes, brutal. Believe me when they are successful, and their success is killing your business, when you need the money to feed your kids, no one will look back and give you a chance. You need to grab your chance be sure no one pushes you down. If you do not have this mentality. Get out now. You will not make it. The world is an ugly place, so let me help make it uglier dammnit!

Does this mean you can’t help others? Of course, help others. I am helping you by writing this, aren’t I? Help others succeed by all means. But don’t hold back when it comes to your own success!

SEO is more powerful than you can possibly IMAGINE.


SEO Without Credibility Means NOTHING!!

SEO is not everything. For all, you Math lovers out there, prepare to get excited.


wait wait wait… that was not nearly big enough…


OK so now…

Let’s Look At Part 1 Of The Equation:

SEO / DMM / my dirty boxers with my phone number written on it / … This section just gets you noticed. It gets you in front of the seller.

Now the 2nd Part Of The Equation.

Credibility. This convinces the seller you are the best solution to their problem

SEO Without Credibility:


You are in front of a seller and you say something like:

Yo my name is Zimbwabambiniwe,  give me your bank account number because I want to give you 1M dollars so I can get my 10 M dollars“.

Shady much? So what if you are in front of a seller, no one will believe you are credible without credibility. Now let’s consider the other way.

Credibility Without SEO:


Without SEO or any marketing, you could have bought 3 gazillion houses and you could have paid 3x the market value of the house with concrete proof… who cares if no one even knows you exist, let alone find you. So you need both! Yes yes, I am friggin awesome I know I KNOW!!

The Result:

And if you are as good at SEO as I am…. you are dangerous! Very dangerous. And I am such an evil butt douche. I am maniacal!

But all this means nothing without results… concrete results:

Now you will ask, But yo, Monkeybutt, you are so beautiful, smart, and sexy and you are a genius in SEO.. YES.. .Yes, I am!! I was not finished yet you damn egotistical freak… AS I was saying… You know SEO, but how will we do this too? Well my sweet Lil puff muffin,… Eric did it, Adam is doing it, Jeff is on it… why can’t you?!

OK so now as promised…

Here is a list of markets I am already consulting someone in and in these markets I will not take new clients! I am not going to compete with my self. It is my mission to get each and every one of these people to the #1 ranking spot. If I took someone in the same market in, one of them would be #2. So that wouldn’t do!

  • Southern California
  • Cincinnati
  • Dallas
  • New Jersey
  • And obviously Connecticut

If interested email me. I keep telling people. Be a YODA in SEO


If you have no one like me in your market…

  1. KNOW how lucky you are!!
  2. Become that “ME” in your market BEFORE someone else does (or convinces me to help them become the local SEO Yoda), because..

IF you don’t.. game over! BUT BUT BUT… I have to admit.. it is not all SEO goodness… being handsome beyond comprehension does help. Don’t believe me?



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  1. James Green on November 4, 2018 at 4:29 pm

    Hey Yoda,
    I left you a message on BP inbox.

    • Cash For Your CT House on November 4, 2018 at 10:06 pm

      Let me check!

  2. We Buy Houses in Massachusetts on November 5, 2018 at 5:15 pm

    Awesome post Jerryll – just read through this whole blog, and man is it helpful!

    Thanks for putting out this content/information to help us better our businesses – will be following from now on!

    I wish you continued success!


    • Cash For Your CT House on November 5, 2018 at 7:45 pm

      Blake! Thank you my fellow investor. If you follow, I will have to try to keep up the good posts then huh!
      Damn it you know how much work this is?

      Glad you appreciate it. Don’t forget to share and like!

  3. Chris Green on January 8, 2019 at 7:45 pm

    Damn Jerryll!! This is frickin’ awesome! I’m almost speechless, and that doesn’t happen very often. First off, I LOVE the way you write this stuff. Funnier than hell, but more importantly it makes total sense. I’ve posted comments to 4 or 5 of your other blog posts but for some reason I am not seeing it the next day. Not sure what the deal is there. I would love to pick you brain, (sounds disgusting, right) about SEO – or better yet if you would be open to helping me with SEO and my site, even better! I have to say, after looking at your site last night, I am blown away at how GREAT it is. Amazing job! I need to seriously work on mine, especially when it comes to credibility. I was reading about that on an Investor Carrot Blog and knew it needed to be done, but after seeing your site and reading this, it REALLY makes sense. Trouble is, I am very new to this and don’t have any deals done yet, so finding a way to get that credibility will be tougher. Please let me know what I can do to help you in any way. I am more than willing to work my ass off and make this work!! Let’s GO!!

    • Cash For Your CT House on January 9, 2019 at 3:58 pm

      Yo yo.
      Dude thank you thank you.

      Yeah I get bombarded with spam comments on this blog so I am forced to vet the responses before I put them live.
      But alas.. here we are:
      Yean man. Don’t fret SEO (too much). It is really easy and straightforward. The easiest thing to do is credibility. The best thing with Credibility, unlike SEO, that credibility is instant. You change your site, add a pic, write a quote and poom you are credible!

      Yeah man, lets talk and I shall evaluate your site with you on the phone! The BIGGEST secret with all of this to succeed is… don’t you ever give up!

  4. Chris Green on January 10, 2019 at 9:19 am

    Dude that would be beyond awesome! Not sure if I should just leave my phone number here for you, but hey, I guess if some asshat gets ahold of it, I can always just hang up. Whenever you get a chance, call me at 916.770.0450. Very much appreciated!

  5. Ellie on December 1, 2019 at 5:53 pm

    Ok! I read it

  6. Matt Watson on December 8, 2019 at 1:40 pm


    Good shit my man! We hired an SEO company to help with our Carrot site at the beginning of this year. We decided to hire it out because my brother (business partner) and I both have full time jobs in addition to the real estate companies and didn’t feel like we had the extra time to learn and implement SEO as well. So far the results have been pretty good. We have closed a few deals and are page one for lots of keywords as a result. Obviously we want to be #1 organic for all of the relevant keywords in our markets and I think this is very doable. Take a look at my site if you have time and let me know what you think. What you have accomplished is obviously very impressive and I would certainly be interested in learning more about working with you to make us #1 in our market.


    • MSOOTKAUG on December 9, 2019 at 6:56 pm

      OK I checked out your site. I am sad to say, that whom ever does your SEO (AdWords Nerds?) knows NOTHING about it. On bigger pockets I have already shut them up real good about what SEO should look like. So I have no idea how much you paid them, but I am willing to bet it is a lot. Here is what they have done with your site:
      They have grouped a bunch of other “we buy houses” websites and conveniently (for them) used one blog post to give all of you a backlink from that site. This is what I call “Mass SEO”. They try to mass produce SEO results. Hence, what I am constantly telling people, NO SEO company can do SEO for more than 1 or 2 sites. It is simply IMPOSSIBLE to do SEO for more than a handful of sites… unless… obviously they do black hat SEO (which is what they did). This is all across your very skinny backlink profile. (You have just 7 backlinks). Any SEO company that try to rank you using backlinks, is doing SEO wrong. Do NOT EVER try to please Google. Backlinks is all about pleasing Google. (The way these people do it). Mostly directories and shared blogs. Google WILL catch up to this and take action. I promise you this. You need to tell them to undo all these shady methods, and do SEO right. You are paying way too much money for crap like that. This sort of thing angers me because they give all SEO people a bad name. As for your site: there are a bunch of pressing SEO issues that need fixed now. You really need to change up a bunch of things if you want to rank #1. 🙁

      As a bit of a reference… it takes my clients between 3 to 5 months in general before they take the #1 ranking spot on Google. If you are still not on #1 after 1 year, continuing the strategies you are doing, will just not get you there. You are paying them for nothing. In fact if someone with your profile were to ask me to work with them, I would make them first undo all the wrong SEO. Their illegal SEO would make my job even harder to get you ranked. Just call me and I’ll tell you what you should tell your SEO guys, to change so you can rank #1. You are already paying them money, so why not make them do it the right way. You will jump to #1 if they are open to do as I tell them.

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