3. How Do I Start Real Estate Investing

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I Am Determined, I Am Going To Do This… So How Do I Start?!


Remember. All text in Orange is written some time AFTER I wrote this blog entry. I am writing the afterthoughts in so you do not make the same mistakes I made!

Capt’n’s Log – January 7, 2016: It is friggin COLD gahhdamn it.

So now you all know my Introduction. OK. HOW the heck do I do this? So How do I start?!


I am not talking about, which book to read first, and which friggin BP podcast to listen to now. What the frog people. How is POOPS name do I REALLY and ACTUALLY start dammnit man! There are a ton of “how to start” posts and threads out there. So how come it is still so difficult to do this? With SO many “how to’s” out there, if they were successful, why is every beginner still struggling? Something is missing.

I Figured It Out, I Think

I think I finally figured out what. Everyone that writes a “how to start” post, is already knowledgeable. He/she already did it. Even when they try to recall how it was for them and try to show the steps, they still miss the mindset of the beginner person and explain things from the standpoint of already knowing how to do it.

They are not in the “Oh crap how the hell do I do this” phase/mindset where you currently most likely are. The’re standing on top of the stairway, looking back, able to see all the way down to the first step. They now expect me standing at the first step, not able to see the curve in the stairway as he/she is shouting down instructions how to climb the stairway, friggin blindfolded.

So I am writing this as a guide. More for myself to track my progress. Writing this makes me substantiate where I am now, what I have done, and gives me the motivation and drive to go full strength ahead. Every intrusion of hesitation and I realize how much I did already. This hopefully will give me more drive to crush that hesitation!

A No BS Step By Step How I Did It (Doing It).

My disclaimer will be.

I am by NO means an expert, in fact, I am most likely the one person on BiggerPockets that knows the LEAST amount of real estate (hence all my begging for help). Secondly, this is how I did it. If you think I am making a wrong step somewhere I believe you. However, this is what I did, period. OK so here is how I am doing it.

Here is my recipe of how to JUST START!! I am not live yet (as in my business is active), but I am getting there.

1) I Bought 500 Dollars Worth Of Education.

Cody Sperber” and “Josh Altman” clever investor make your first million in real estate. This package included all the contracts, secrets (that everyone knows about I am sure), methods tricks strategies, you name it. Some of the things they say and methods are questionable, however, 80% of material is very useful to know. You just need to use your common sense to label the bulpoop as bullpoop.

This was a good investment. After I bought this one I came across “Flip2Freedom”. I didn’t buy this but I think this also is a really good one. The reason I bought it was because it was the complete package, including the contracts. Don’t pay more than 500 on education. ALL you need to start is already in your head. Trust me!

2) I Studied Watched Videos, Educated Myself, And Obsessed About It.

I studied for way too long. Just know what you need to do for the first step and just do that. First thing you need is to get a solid website, and market. More on this here (but try not to skip ahead). Just get a site now, and do not worry too much about the content of the site. You just want a solid domain name and let it age. Do research on what marketing pieces you want to sent out (yellow letters, post cards, professionally printed letters…). Then find a good list. Find a company to send the postcards and SEND THE DAMN MAILERS!

3) I Did The Following Tasks:

  • I created business cards

(If you do this don’t order a bunch. You will change the design WAY before you run out of them). Business cards never ever did me any good. It is good to have but I could do without. But then again.. a business card is useless in your wallet. You are supposed to give them out like a fanatic, and that I didn’t do. So  if you invest time and money getting BCs you better give them out!

  • Set up my entity (LLC)
  • Started a website

Do not make my mistake. Don’t go with WIX or any free sites. Go with Investor Carrot!!!!!!! (Referral link, but tell me when you use it and I will pass the fee on to you, You are welcome). You will thank and worship me later.

  • Got a Google number and email (Jerryll@NoordenEstates.com)
  • Incorporated my business entity with google

I can not stress this enough. Get a website live now! DO not spend time making it perfect; you will waste a lot of time. Make it just OK and make it LIVE. Age of the website matters when trying to rank so just get one out there. You will thank me when you are filthy! (rich)

4) I Bought Clever Investor’s M5 Marketing System.

Which includes (ugly) website funnels, CRM, and some other useful tools to organize incoming leads. (no I am not yet live)

I regret buying this package BTW… The websites are ABSOLUTELY trash. Hard to edit. Completely USELESS (Sorry Cody Sperber, but WTF man!)

5) Sought Out A Real Estate Agent Willing To Work With Me.

Seemed promising, but after the break, I never heard from her again. She is a very busy and successful REA, and she promised to get me in touch with her cash buyers and with someone that could mentor me. I sincerely think she is just really busy and it is not like I can offer them much value so I am not holding it against her. I am sure if I email her again she will do a lot of effort for me. She is that kind.

(This is difficult….). Although you need one to make things easier. I have done my first deal without any (significant) help from any. I never got anywhere with this. Wholesalers have a bad rep. No one It will be hard to find someone willing to have faith in you..

6) Created A Website.

Actually, I am about to finish this. I am very proud of it, but I may be biased as I made it. And this is where I am thus far. I got into some severe obstacles and this has caused me to slow down, but I am back on track. The 9K a month job I had is no more (was contractor, the project got scrapped). I got offers but it is either Real estate full time and make it, or take the job and do it part-time. So I decided to take a 1-month break and launch this FULL-ON and see if I can make 1 deal this month. If I make a deal I will say goodbye to working for the man.

This is what my next step will be:

7) Finish This Website By Tomorrow.

Then make the website LIVE! Yeah baby!

I spent way too much time and a lot of effort on the website at this stage. It was a crappy WIX site and after many many hours working on it trying to make it perfect, I did it all wrong, was useless and ended up with an other website service provider. Was a complete waste of time! Do not do this.

8) Take My Contracts And Go To An Attorney

…and make sure I have an escape clause (I will start with wholesaling). I would like to make at least 1 deal/week.

9) Dump About 2K Into Direct (Targeted) Mail Cards

For a one deal/week I would need a ton of marketing and writing offers. So after contracts, I will dump about 2K into direct (targeted) mail cards, SEO for my website.

This is what eventually turned into my first paycheck!

10) I Started, I Am Live, And My Company Exists!

Once I have sent out the marketing to me this means I did it. I started, I am live, and my company exists.

New ones, this is what I have noticed.

I was always getting stuck because I felt like I didn’t know enough to get started. And I still don’t. What if I go live and I DO get a phone call and they ask me about about my liens that are deductible from my probate in article 45 section D, and what if the mouse in the corner pre-foreclosures me into deduction? It is all Chinese to me. But like a wise person said somewhere. You do not need to see the entire staircase in order to take the first step. All you need to see is that first step.

Easier said than done I know. But the hardest thing and most important thing to do is to force yourself to take that first step. I am going to live soon. Do I know anything about those more weird methods, for wholesaling? Hell No. But there is too much to learn about. I will never start that way. So I know when people say “Just do it man” is completely useless because you would have done it already.. so I will not say just go and do it.

I will say, .. see the list above? The numbered one? Do that. Don’t look at the following step (Step 2)… just do Step 1. When that is done, then figure out how to do step 2. Chances are by the time you are done with step 1, you already know how to do step 2 ,3 and 4. That is the trick. That is the secret!

This is how I did it, and I do not see why it wouldn’t work. I will update this as I progress.

Everyone, I would love your input and feedback. Feel free to write it in the comments.


NEXT UP: Get your marketing list!




  1. Toya on January 6, 2017 at 5:56 pm

    Love it just send the damn mailers! Sometimes when your not familiar with something you procrastinate and try and read and learn everything! Truth is the real learning is in the streets! Its good to read and become knowledgeable about what your doing but don’t waste time. You can’t learn it all in the books just get a good outline and move on. I use to be a real estate agent and still wanted to read more so i wont sound silly but who cares just do it!!!

    • Jerryll on January 7, 2017 at 1:38 am

      Tonya, You are exactly right.
      Where were you when I spent 8 months trying to get ready to do my first step? ^_^
      Once I started marketing and the phone started ringing, I knew all I needed to know to make a deal.
      You are right, just DO IT!!

  2. Sean Shirk on April 13, 2020 at 2:59 pm

    Completely agree. I’m also a voracious reader and sometimes find myself falling into the trap of: Are you reading just to read, or are you reading to take actions based on that in the near future?

    From seeing a video of yours and seeing you around the BP community, I’m fully committed to harness the power of SEO and letting sellers come to me. Until then, need to decide on viable marketing method to use while the website ramps. Considering Propsource to layer motivation and cold call only the likely very motivated sellers instead of a wide, costly net full of tire kickers.

    Anyway, Thanks for all the information, Jerryll. I’m also in the central CT area – will try not to step on any toes. I’m just a small fish and trying to niche out multifamily wholesaling since I think there’s a strong need.


    • MSOOTKAUG on April 13, 2020 at 4:41 pm

      Yo Sean, Nice to meet you man. Dude we should connect. Always good to meet other small fish in this big pond 😛 Hell with the sharks!

      • Sean R Shirk on April 13, 2020 at 8:54 pm

        Definitely, I relate a lot with your background and driving motivation of financial freedom. I’m an Aerospace Engineer – not quite NASA level, but pretty close 🙂

        • MSOOTKAUG on April 14, 2020 at 8:06 am

          Dude that is awesome. Take the same steps I did, and I honestly do not see why you wouldn’t make it. You are smart intelligent almost as handsome as I am, pffft will be easy for you brother !! 😀

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