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How It Works

DO watch the video as the video goes over our patented method how you will dominate your market through SEO. We have developed a platform that is designed to make you money as soon as possible. It removes doubt, "figuring things out" and any delays from the equation. Simply execute, and I will be here with you every step of the way!

Pick Your Weapon Of Choice To Beat The Odds (And Your Competition)!

Whether you are an experienced investor or are brand new to this gig, your best bet becoming (more) successful is by making a deal as soon as possible. I am definitely not the cheapest guy around, and although I am quite good at what I do (maybe even the best), none of it matters if you simply can't afford it.

To ensure success I had to come up with a way for you to make money ASAP, and make it as affordable as possible at least in the beginning till your first deal. Making that money now means you no longer have to spend your own money to continue making more money and continue paying for your SEO ranking strategies. This Is The Result:

Pay In Full

$16,000 1 Payment
  • Save $2,500.-
  • Website Personalization
  • Rise Above The Noise
  • Branding & Social Media
  • Make Money Immediately!

2 Month Payment Plan

$8,250 Per Month
  • Includes Credibility
  • All Contracts You Need
  • Step By Step Instructions
  • Off Market Leads!
  • Make Money Immediately!

3 Month Payment Plan

$5,800 Per Month
  • Includes Credibility
  • High Conversion Rates
  • 24/7/365 Lead Generation
  • Market Exclusivity
  • Make Money Immediately!

5 Month Payment Plan

$3,700 Per Month
  • Includes Credibility
  • Includes Wholesaling
  • Includes SEO
  • We Will Front You $1000!
  • Make Money Immediately!

You Need Money To Make Money

So lets make money, NOW! Yup, we focus on making money right now, first and foremost. All my packages are designed for you to make money immediately. To make money you need leads. Credibility is what converts traffic into leads, and nothing else. Credibility is the most important part of lead generation and without it, you simply will always be struggling to get leads.

As you can see, the credibility modules are included in all the packages I offer. Without it, none of these strategies would work. I rank #1 already, and I get leads out of my bumhole, so I don't need to worry about marketing, but you most likely do (need to worry about marketing)! If you can't afford to wait for SEO to kick in for you to get all these leads for free, you need to market for leads.  No, you do not go driving for dollars, no door knocking. Stop acting like an amateur and step up. This may seem harsh but if you honestly think that that bandit signs is the way to go, you are on the wrong website and I am definitely not for you!

We Don't Work With Everyone!

My platform works, there is no debating this. Keep in mind however that success depends on you. You are the one behind the controls, and you need to step up to do the work. I am not going to sell you the idea that this is easy, that you will take the #1 spot on Google or that you will make a ton of money. I am absolutely not going to convince you to buy my products. In-fact, I am actually going to refuse some of you my products. Take this very seriously because I am actually serious!

You may think how it makes any sense me refusing a willing paying client. Well, people that are not motivated to follow through will give up midway in their efforts. That falls back on my brand reputation. To the rest of the world, "Jerryll could not rank this website anywhere near the first page on Google", and that does damage to my company. I will only take on a client when I know they will see it through, have the means, desire and sheer will to do what ever it takes to get there!

I make a lot more money denying people (missing out on some straggling client paychecks), but having a 100% solid track record of every single person I accept ending up on the #1 spot on Google, with my SEO logo proudly displayed on their site. I get a ton more people interested in my services when they know that if they get accepted they will extremely likely be taking over the #1 spot on Google and converting a ton of traffic into leads with our unique strategies!

Credibility = Conversions

Credibility is the believability that you actually can and will do what you claim you will do, so that a person that lands on your website feels motivated to fill in the form, with the intention of selling their house to you, below market value.

This is not a trivial thing. It is both an art and a science. What do you think happens when you try way too hard to make someone believe you? They will believe you less. Too little and you are just not credible, and too much and you will still simply not be credible.

Everyone has heard of on-page and off-page SEO. No big deal, but you have never heard of "Off-Page", and "On-Page" credibility. How do I know? Well, because (as far as I know) we made this up. No one takes credibility as seriously as we do. We take it so seriously that we have devoted the core of all our packages to this. This is what generates leads, whether you know it or not. Without credibility, you are not going to get motivated seller leads, period! So let's get to it shall we?


Off-Page Credibility

As of this point in time there has been no advertising on our part, yet we get client requests like clockwork. How? Well this is where off-page credibility comes in. Every single client I have, found me, I did not find them. They sought me out because they found me elsewhere ,where I have established a reputation already. This is off-page credibility. So consider that for a moment. If you found me through any means other than this website, and are interested in what I have to offer, then this strategy worked on you! We apply the same strategies to your our motivated sellers, and so will you! They will land on your page already interested in choosing you to sell their house to.


On-Page Credibility

Now, if by any chance you did find me through an ad, I have no doubt you consider me credible by now. How did I accomplish this so easily? Well I made sure you browsed my website. I made sure you saw my results page, which makes you realize what is actually possible if you worked with me. Then I showed you my reviews page, which makes you realize, that if all these people can do it, so can you. Why not? I made you realize that your current situation is not ideal, and I then showed you the desired situation.

Then I prove to you that this is very doable and feasible because so many others are doing it too and are happy using our products. Now you no longer are wondering if I am legit. You have no doubts I am real. I am credible! And we have developed strategies that work like a charm on motivated sellers. which we will apply in the Credibility Package!


But Wait, There Is More

What we have covered thus far is the conversion engine. Of course we need to do more here. We will make your website stand out from the competition. In order for your website to look and feel and thus become more credible, we'll add professional graphics and your personal touches.

I already did the research for you. What works, what doesn't work, where to put what and how to put what, all is covered in this package. We cover every single page on your site, from the home page to the about us page and everything in between. Read more about what credibility really is on our site!

Don't wing it, stop worrying about figuring it out, everything is already done for you. All you have to do is execute the tasks and by the end of this module your website will be a lead conversion machine! All that is left to do is drive traffic to your site, and watch that traffic convert into leads!!


  • Improved Lead Conversion
  • Website Personalization
  • Rise Above The Noise
  • Branding & Social Media
  • On & Off Page Credibility
  • Make Money Immediately!

Wholesale Like A Pro!

More than 80% of aspiring wholesalers fail within the first 2 months. The #1 reason people fail is because they are winging it, following advice from others that also are struggling to succeed. The question you should ask yourself: How Do You Expect To Be A Successful Real Estate Investor When You Are Doing The Exact Same Thing As 97% Of The people That Failed Are Doing? To succeed at wholesaling you need to make your first deal ASAP. Most people simply don't know how to start, or do it wrong. Well, No More!

When I first decided to do wholesaling I couldn't start! Call it analysis paralysis, or what have you. It doesn't matter how much you learn or how many podcasts you listen to. It seems like the more you learn the harder it becomes to take action! I felt like I needed to figure out every step from beginning to end, before I actually take that first step! I kept thinking "I wish I had a magical guide that told me step by step exactly what to do, when too do, and how to do, from the first step to the very last!".

Well guess what. NOW there IS!! Dammnit! Imagine you had a program, a platform that told you step by step, and I really do mean STEP by STEP, how to do, when to do, where to do, what you need to do. Imagine a guide so detailed where you no longer needed to worry about anything. No need to figure things out. Knowing that every step you take is calculated and has a solid purpose and a reason, without you even needing to understand what that reason is (but you will).

Imagine such a guide how to go to the bathroom in the morning:

1.   Wake up
2.   Open your eyes
3.   Reach out with your left arm to remove the covers
4.   Push your left leg over to the edge of the bed
5.   Place your left foot on the ground
6.   Shift your body over
7.   Push your right leg over the edge of the bed next to your left foot
8.   Use your arms to push your body up
9.   Sit straight
10. Stand up
11. Shift your weight of your body to the right leg
12. Lift your left foot off the ground
13. Move it forward
14. Place it on the floor 1.5 foot ahead of you.
15. Shift your weight to the left foot
16. Move your body forward
17. Lift your right foot and swing it in front of your left
18. Repeat 23 times till you reach the Bathroom.

Dude(ette) Just Execute! Dammit!

If you had such a guide would you still be wondering how to start? No! Dude, just execute! Just do it, knowing what ever it is you are doing is the right thing to do. Because you already know every step is already planned out simply waiting for you to get there and execute! There is no thinking involved, there is no "figuring it out" involved. THAT is what this and ALL my packages, for that matter are all about.

Being successful simply boils down to one thing, execution! And now that you have a system that simply works, how could you possibly fail, if you do your part?

THIS is what my Wholesaling guide is! And seriously, this is not the wholesaling you see everyone else do WRONG! Bugs the crap out of me. No bandit signs, no driving for dollars, no friggin door knocking. We are doing this by TRULY proven systems. Actual marketing, like the big dogs do! No winging it and no amateur stuff. And like ALL my packages, we focus on your first paycheck BEFORE anything else. Then we will fine tune, scale and automate it all!

We will provide you with everything you need to be successful at this, including all the contracts, which BTW are more expensive than this package itself! Stop doubting yourself, stop winging it, stop going at it alone. This literally is your best bet to succeed at wholesaling. If you don't make it with this package, nothing else can help you!



  • Includes Credibility
  • All Contracts You Need
  • Step By Step Instructions
  • No "Winging It"
  • Off Market Leads!
  • Make Money Immediately!

SEO World Domination!

I have yet to come across someone/anyone that does SEO right. I am absolutely friggin serious, it is disgusting!

The reason everyone does it wrong, is because everyone is trying to please Google. Google says "Get back-links". Google says "Get Citations". Google says: "Put Your Keywords In Your Content". So what does everyone do? They run and get back-links, they run and get citations, and they run and sprinkle keywords in their content. But what happens now? You have five thousand investor carrot websites that all look alike, feel alike, smell alike, taste a like, and what is worse, they all do the exact same SEO strategies. How is site number 3213 outrank site number 53?! This is simply stupid!


What is Google's Only Job?

Well Google's only job is to create user satisfaction! How? By bringing forth the best website relevant to the key-phrase someone typed into the search! That's it! That is all Google does! Well now, how does Google determine what the best website is? Well, remember what I told you before? Google gave guidelines. Back-links, Citations, keywords, etc. etc.

And here we go again! Everyone runs and gets back-links, citations, keywords...


Google Guideline Are Guidelines, Not Tasks!

What everyone fails to understand is that Google gave guidelines. GUIDELINES!! Not tasks! Instead of running out and getting back-links, I took a different approach. I asked, WHY Google wants back-links, citations and keyword. I figured out these reasons. I won't share them here simply because I would be writing a book. Just know that the ONLY reason Google gave these guidelines is to please your traffic. Back-links obtained with intention to please your traffic, and NOT to please Google, look very very different. So I set out to develop SEO strategies that truly and genuinely please traffic, NOT Google.


What Is The Effect/Result?

My traffic loves us, and therefore we get our forms filled and we sign contracts. What is the side effect? Well Google sees that we genuinely please our traffic and Google rewards us for it by placing us (and my clients) #1 at the top of the search results!

Ask yourself, what are you after? a #1 ranking spot on Google? Or getting forms filled and contracts signed?

Well who cares! With my strategies you get both! And the competition simply can not figure out how we are doing it!


You Shouldn't Hire An SEO Company To Do SEO For You

So believe me when I say that true powerful SEO comes from taking effort to please your audience. This takes time, and efort, for just ONE website. It is extremely difficult and time consuming to do it for 2 websites. Writing original content, providing unique value to your traffic. Every back-link obtained is legitimate. Imagine doing this for 10, 20, 50 websites! It is impossible, as in, physically, it is not possible to do legitimate SEO for many websites within a feasible time period. Then how can a SEO company with 10 clients do this? They DON'T!! They cheat the system, they cheat Google and thus they cheat their traffic! They fabricate their own back-links, they spin content and use other shady SEO practices, and they get away with it, you know why? Because they are counting on you not knowing a damn thing about true SEO. They throw fancy graphs in your face and use big SEO words, like "on-page" SEO, and "Domain Authority" knowing it is going all over your head! By the time Google catches them, they already took all your money and what do they care if Google tanks your site? They told you that they are not responsible for any results or lack thereoff because no one can predict Google. Yeah OK!


Do SEO Yourself, The Right Way -The ONLY Way!

And this is what we offer. With our in-house developed strategies all catered towards pleasing your customers, legitimately, you are immune to Google algorithm updates, you will rank extremely high in record time, while getting on all your potential clients good side (as the strategies are based on pleasing your traffic), and thus getting a ton of people filling in the form. Not just any random groups of people. Highly motivated sellers! That is the core of SEO.

SEO inherently targets people that are motivated (unlike paid ads). This because your traffic consists 100% of people that took the initiative, due to a burning pain that needs to be solved, to find YOU! You don't find them, they find you and ask you, no, BEG you to buy their house from them! And due to true and legitimate motivation they are more likely to accept a below market offer than other non motivated traffic!

There lies the power of SEO.


  • Includes Credibility
  • High Conversion Rates
  • 24/7/365 Lead Generation
  • Market Exclusivity
  • Make Money Immediately!

The FT&C Package... Duuuuude!!

I have yet to come across someone/anyone that does SEO right. I am absolutely friggin serious, it is disgusting!

The FT&C package is for people that want leads the SEO way (the right way, the best way), and then wholesale and/or flip these leads. It is crucial you read the detailed explanation of the Forced Traffic & Credibility Strategy to fully understand its power! This is for people that want to build a real estate investing empire. With this package you are wasting no time scaling, hiring and automating, growing while making money!

To hit the ground running we will start of mass harvesting leads trough SEO traffic, paid traffic, and organic social media traffic.

Are you already making deals, and getting leads, and are you flipping already and are you wholesaling like a beast? Well good for you. How about 10X your business, and start working on getting your leads the SEO way as these are the most motivated leads there are. This means you sign more contracts and with less effort.

Are you a beginner and never got any leads yet? Good for you too! (not really) but that's OK. See, I will give you $1000 out of my own pocket for you to get a solid start on getting leads. Too good to be true? You are right! That IS too good to be true and it is not true. Well kind off.

First I am not going to give you $1000 in cash. I am not stupid. BUT I will give that money to my PPC guy and that money will be used to get you your first paid leads! I will do this with anyone that signs a 5 month contract with me. See the monthly fee you pay us for our services includes 200 dollars that will add up to the 1000 dollars after 5 months of services. SEO takes time anyways so you are supposed to go through this for this time. So you have nothing to lose.  It is basically an advance or loan of $1000 from me to you, without you having to pay any interest on it.


Why are we doing this?

Look I know my system works, I have tested, verified and proven this with so many people already. As long as the work is done! The problem is that who cares how amazing the system is, if you simply can't afford it! Once you make money who cares how expensive the system is, as long as you make a lot more than you pay me right?

So the challenge here is how to make my packages as cheap as possible for the first month at least, so you can join my program, make money ASAP and let your profits pay for it all while scaling profits exponentially! And this is what my programs do. They all focus on getting your first pay check ASAP.

Once you do get that paycheck, you no longr have to fork over a cent out of your pocket to continue our services. Your money is making you more money and paying for it all!


  • Includes Credibility
  • Includes Wholesaling
  • Includes SEO
  • We Will Front You $1000!
  • Make Money Immediately!