How It Works

DO watch the video as the video goes over our patented method how you will dominate your market through SEO. We have developed a platform that is designed to make you money as soon as possible. It removes doubt, "figuring things out" and any delays from the equation. Simply execute, and I will be here with you every step of the way!

The 2 Steps To Lead Generation:

1. Traffic: Someone Lands On Your Website

This could be from anything: DMM, D4$, Bandit Signs, Door Knocking, PPC, Facebook Ads,...

2. Conversion: They Fill In The Form

They are convinced by whatever they have seen on the website, to fill in the form.


Credibility: The Catalyst To Conversion

Let me explain what our "Credibility Package" is, and what it is designed to do for you:

Our credibility package takes you on a journey creating (or transforming if you already have a website) your website, turning it into a lead generating machine on steroids. We do this by holding your hand guiding you and evaluating your work every-step-you-take, every step of the way, making sure you are doing everything correctly.

People Do Not Buy Your Product. People Buy YOU!

It is not SEO that get's your forms filled. It is what ever people experience of you, from the website, from their experience being exposed to you(r website), is what gets your forms filled. It is their perception of you (from your website) that will cause your traffic to trust you or not!

We call this your "Credibility". SEO just gives people the opportunity to meet you, see you, find you, be exposed to you, and experience you. SEO gets you traffic, NOT leads. It is Credibility that converts that inbound traffic into leads! As you can see, credibility is the most crucial part of lead generation!

Supercharge Your Marketing Campaigns

Improve your lead flow by adding a credible website to your current lead generation methods.

Whether you are doing DMM, CC, D4$, PPC, or Facebook Ads, it does not matter. Direct your potential leads to your website and watch them convert with a higher conversion rate than your strategies alone. It is a fact that having a credible website optimized for lead conversion, drastically increases your conversion rates no matter what lead generation methods you use. No Direct Mailer, Cold Calling Strategy, Bandit Sign, or even a face to face conversation converts better than a well designed credible website.

Consider This:

It is a lot easier to convince someone to just check out your website than it is to sell their house to you. The point and goal of your mailers are not to convince them to sell their house to you.


The goal of your mailers should simply be to Check out your website for more information if they are at all curious about selling their house for cash. Once they land on the website, the website will do it's thing! Convert incoming traffic into leads, on autopilot!

See it this way:

Credibility Gets Your Forms Filled And Your Contracts Signed, While SEO Simply Makes This Entire Process Free. 

A Fully Interactive System

My team and I will check out every step you take. Approve it, if done correctly, and help you fix it if it needs work. You can not fail. We won't let you!

An interactive guide that takes you from ground 0 (not even having a website), through picking out a solid SEO friendly domain name, to setting it up with investor carrot (our recommended platform), all the way to your social media accounts, and even writing solid content for your website.

By the end of this journey you will have a custom designed, slick converting website, pimped out with graphics, web-art and with an unmatched credibility score, fine tuned for lead generation!



The Culmination Of All Our Credibility Strategies.

Every single strategy we developed that is battle tested and proven to produce results, put together into a slick and easy to follow interactive action plan. Carefully designed from the ground up to create or transform your website into a lead generating powerhouse with the highest conversion rates.

When it comes to credibility, we go far beyond the simple "oh put a picture of yourself on your website" or, "oh put your testimonials and review videos where people can find it". We do far more than that.

We dig into the sellers psyche! Our strategies are developed using technical and functional psychology, to get into the sellers head. We have developed content writing strategies that grab our sellers at a subconscious and psychological level to make them see and feel the urgency and clarity to fill in our forms, so that they can be free of the pains and stress of their situation. Seriously powerful stuff!

Here Are A Few Of Our Credibility Graduates

Yes, these are all Investor Carrot Websites!

The Credibility Program Overview


SEO World Domination

Now that you understand what the credibility package entails, it is easy to guess what comes next.

Our credibility package prepares everything for any potential traffic that lands on your site, to convert them into leads. The only thing that is left to do is getting traffic to your website. Not just any traffic mind you, no no... highly motivated seller traffic.... for FREE!

Yup that is correct! SEO traffic is second to none when it comes to quantity and quality. Better than any ad, any marketing, any anything!


SEO targets people that need to have their problems solved now to go out and find us, reach out to us and pretty much beg us to: "please please please come over to give us an offer."

The SEO Program Overview

We Cracked The SEO & Conversion Code

It is quite obvious we have figured it out. We go deeper with our program than anyone else out there. We do not just randomly do things, tasks, or methods. We harvest actual data from our tests and we derive accurate conclusions. All other so called experts we have come across got it completely wrong, and I do mean all the names you probably trust. All wrong!! Every-Single-One of them!

Isn't it obvious?! How many of you trust these big name companies claiming they are all the best. How many of these people that loyally follow their teachings and advice get my results (4 to 12 high quality highly motivated seller leads for FREE)? Even the investors that work for/with them, do not get our results! Period!

Step Up, & Take Your Lead-Flow Into Your Own Hands!