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46. How To Start Real Estate Investing

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How To Start Real Estate Investing (Together!)

I want to get back to providing useful and motivational words to your investors to get successful. And I admit I have been slacking on this. So I started thinking… what would be a topic, that you would find useful. What would I find useful when I was in your shoes, just starting out?  How about, “How To Start Real Estate Investing”?

I know how hard it is to start investing as a newbie having to do it completely alone. Been there, done that!

Well, what if you, I, and all the followers on this blog did it all together? It could be a group setting where we all would tackle tasks I present. After the task is completed we will tackle the next task together. Then the next and the next… and before you know it, you are a well oiled investing machine with the perfect infrastructure for it, set up.

How does that sound? And yes, following these tips DOES yield results! Here is a nice Halloween bonus all thanks to a good website!

But wait – Who Are We?

We are a 2 person team of relatively new investors that are now killing it. How did we do this, especially when soooo many newbies try to make it as well?

Consider this. Everyone wants to rank #1 on google. And google gives out a very cryptic and limited set of rules and guidelines on how to get on Google’s good side. So what do you think happens?

EVERYONE will follow these rules and guidelines the exact same way. If 15 sites do citations, backlinks, on-site SEO, etc. etc. why would site #3 be any different/better from/than site #7?!

Be Different – Be Better!

We considered these rules and guidelines and treated them as tools, not as “tasks”. We took these rules and principles and applied them in a creative, original and novel way to stand out! The result:

(PLEASE don’t copy our site, because we WILL find out!). I am here to help you become successful, for free! Don’t make me regret this! ^_^


We are the top-ranking Real Estate Investing site in Connecticut! Yeah I know, I know, EVERYONE says that. Well, why don’t you look for yourself! Google: “I need to sell my house in Connecticut” or “We Buy House In Connecticut“. (These are the 2 most popular keywords people use to find our services.)

Did you do it? Did you google it? No? Well, let me help you. You will see this:

Not only are we first on google (and.. 2nd, 4th, and 5th), we also have an entire right-hand section of the search result page dedicated to us. Obviously, google likes us.  We pretty much own the ENTIRE first page of google!

So anyone that is looking to sell their house fast, will inadvertently be forced to click our page! Can you start to see why a killer website is a key to success?

Step Back: – A Reality Check!

Here is the thing. Ask yourself this. Do you want to make it? DO you? How bad? Imagine being able to feast on crab legs as often as you want. Imagine buying groceries without having to look into your wallet to see if you have enough cash, as you are at the checkout and you see this mountain of groceries being rung up by the cashier. Yes, I know you have gone through that. I know. Aren’t you tired of this? Tired of worrying about your car. Worrying that if it stops running you are seriously screwed. Unexpected bills that seem to creep up on you out of nowhere. Well, I was really tired f this.

The “Man” Got You Down?

Think about this. You wake up, you brush your teeth, get dressed, drive to work, work, drive home, cook dinner, unwind, get ready for the next workday tomorrow, go to bed, and.. repeat. Day in…  day out.

The entire rest of your youthful life is this!! Are you kidding?! You could be traveling, seeing the world… live life! Let this set in for a bit…

Now again I will ask you. How bad do you want it? As bad I am? Well, I wanted it SO bad I conquered the fear of talking to strangers. I wanted it so bad I didn’t give up when things simply were not working out and having no idea how or if it would get better.

The number one reason new investors do not make it is either they never take that first step (to stop dreaming and start doing), or they give up when things got a bit tough!

Then WHY Are You Still Slacking?

Watch this video: No don’t do it for me. Do it for YOU! It will get you so pissed off, so mad, wondering if HE can do it why the EFFF am I not doing it too?!! Click the video below!


How To Start Real Estate Investing Successfully?

– Get A Continuous Stream Of Quality Leads!

So if you remember my last experiment with my new “We By Houses In Waterbury CT” page,  it went from ranking #9 to #2 in a few days. Having completely forgotten this experiment for a long time, and thus obviously having done zero work on it all this time it is very interesting to see my page now ranks 1st on Google!

Which is quite interesting. Why? Well, think about it. Why did my page rank #1 when I did nothing special to it? Heck, I didn’t do anything since creating the page, period.

The only thing I can think of is that my overall core site is so strong and so trustworthy that google favors my brand new page over all the other pages of my competitors that have been there for years. As you can see it is very important to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) right.

First, to show I am not just blowing hot air let me present you with a bit of visual motivation to take this seriously.

If you are one of these people that take valuable information but just take bits and pieces of it, skipping parts because you just don’t want to do certain parts and think it is better a shorter way…  I can tell you right now, you better think twice treating this post that way.

Get A Good Fast Website.

I simply do not know how to make you see/understand how important this is other than just telling you.. this is really the key to success.

If you need to start getting leads, you need a website. Indeed start with direct mail marketing or PPC if your site is new, or if it is not ranking. But eventually, you need to have your site ranking #1 because you do not want to depend on expensive direct mail marketing to get continuous leads coming in.

Imagine high quality leads (direct mail marketing is not high quality leads and you are begging them to sell their house). When people find you on google, THEY are begging YOU to buy their house from them. So that makes it a very high quality (or a very motivated seller) lead! Now imagine these hot lads streaming in none stop.. for FREE!

So the first step you need to take is to invest in a website. I wish I could remain neutral here and yes although I get a commission every time someone buys a membership that I referred, I am still using these sites because it is not that I “believe ” in them. No.. this denotes a personal opinion. My site recommendation is not based on personal opinion, it is based on FACT! I have made a small fortune because of InvestorCarrot. Besides, my (free) help applies to any site you choose to get. But why not get the best?!

Here are the plans Investor Carrot is offering. If you want to go for the other platform other than Investor Carrot, that is OK too. You can still apply everything I am teaching you on your own site.

I highly recommend the Content Pro package simply because you will get automated blog content posted regularly to your site. (Google loves fresh new content!) There are no ifs about this. If you are going to bite the bullet then do it right otherwise you do it for nothing…

Investor Carrot Websites Simply Have An Unfair Advantage.

If you have any other site and your competitors have an investor carrot website, it is HIGHLY unlikely you will ever outrank them. Highly unlikely!

When you get your website whether it is an Investor Carrot site or not, follow these steps/tips to set up the site:

  1. Never use stock photos. Take your own!
  2. Rewrite ALL content. Aim for zero duplicate content. Rewrite all copy in your own words.
  3. Invest time and effort in your “about us” section. The biggest mistake all these websites make is put fake story there EVERYONE else is using, like: “Oh we are a nice family-owned business that loves helping others. We put value in the neighborhood by fixing houses, we want to help YOU. Sorry, but What The Heck Man. EVERYONE knows you do this for money!” Oh please! Stop it, because all you do is taking a severe hit to your credit score!
  4. Be actually honest and genuine. Don’t TRY to come over as such, be it.
  5. Work on citations and backlinks.
  6. Design your site to have people stay on it and interact with it. My secret? People that need to sell their house and were looking for your site, make them stay. People that accidentally landed on your site and have no interest in buying or selling real estate… KEEP THEM ON YOUR SITE!! (how? think, be clever).
  7. Focus on On-Page SEO
  8. Focus on Off-Page SEO
  9. Work on Internet Presence, Citations, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ etc. etc.
  10. Be different
  11. Be unique.
  12. Work on your brand. Something that is uniquely yours, your angle, your pitch, your calling card.
  13. Put your picture in your about us section!
  14. Get a blog that is not related to your website. (for example, this blog I am writing is not related to my website. Different host, different domain names.
  15. Most importantly, do your own research on SEO, Learn SEO and apply what you have learned in your own unique way.

Becoming Successful Is Easy! You Just Have To Start!

Want to make it? DO it! When I started I was alone. No one wrote a blog for me in such detail on how to do it. My (processed) knowledge always came from these “guru’s” preaching the same thing after the fact they already made it. This is a blog written as a diary. I put down the steps I took that got me this far (doing deals and ranking first on google). Bad steps, good steps, it is all there. You learn from my mistakes and you can see  “where you will end up if you take my steps” because I have been there and done that! Literally. So if you do not start right now, right NOW, why would you start tomorrow? Tomorrow will soon be right now too.

If you really are motivated and really want to start, get in touch with me. I will help you.

Not a sham Not a gimmick. With traffic and interaction to my blog, my blog will rank and in turn, my sites will rank as I am feeding backlinks from my blog to my sites! So now you know why I am offering help for free. It is a win-win situation. 

I know this can be overwhelming. But lucky for you, you do not need to be overwhelmed because you will just do as I tell you (at your own risk of course) without much thinking on your part!.

  1. The first thing you need to do is get a website. Period. Once you have done it, get in touch with me. We will set up your site together. And I will guide you on the next step to take!
  2. Get some sort of legal protection. I got an LLC.
  3. Follow the steps numbers above to set up your site.
  4. Follow this 90-day action plan (click the video link below)


This shortlist is crucial and you need to do this and it is simple. Just focus on this for now and let me know when you are done. I will write a part 2 on this post in a week or 2.. CORRECTION

The second step is published, and Ironically it is called “Step 1”: Get Your Killer Investor Website Set Up!

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  1. Randall Wagoner on December 4, 2017 at 1:36 am

    Hey Jerryll,

    You’ve inspired me to start my own REI business in Illinois. I’ve already joined Investor Carrot and created these two Websites.
    What should I be focusing on now? Where should I put my time and energy?

    Thanks for all your help

    • Jerryll on December 4, 2017 at 11:49 pm

      Hey Randall. Thank you for writing here. I get so many questions sent to me in private email and all are asking the same questions so it is easier for me to do it here!
      So the first thing you have to do with your new site, is the basics. These are the things you HAVE to do to even EXIST on google. After you do these things you will be around page 4 in the google rankings.

      These things include: On Page SEO (the things you have to change on your website itself)
      1) The safe bet, rewrite all content into your own words. Not just your own words, but in words that no other website have. (impossible to match someone else’s website if you just rewrite it in your own words).
      I say “safest bet” because it is still hard to be original and to stand out leaving the design of the site where it is and just rewriting the sentences. HOWEVER, doing this is the smartest thing because Investor Carrot has spent a ton of money into research and they have designed their sites based on that research. So you know it works!. As for me? I am friggin stubborn. I was reluctant and an over achiever. I wiped the site clean and started over with my own design. Did it work? No idea. I get a ton of leads but how do I know had I not left the site as it was I would have gotten 3 times as many leads…
      2) Take your own pictures REMOVE ALL STOCK photos. NOW NOW NOW!!
      If you think you are the only IC site around, think again. Nothing more annoying as a seller desperate to sell and site after site you see that same dumb picture where that tanned couple holding up that “Sold” sign. Would YOU choose a site when 15 other sites look like an identical template site?

      I can go on and on.
      As for off site SEO. Citations, backlinks.

      Everything written thus far is in the IC tutorial you have access to. Go here:
      follow menu to the left.


      Here is what you have to do now which is most important.

      Get BUYERS !
      Never rest, never stop. Post craigslist ads and get buyers to sign up for your list!

      OK these pointers are by no means complete. There is a TON more you should do. But those are immediate tasks, and this will keep you busy for a WHILE!

      Questions? Feel free to ask!

      • Randall Wagoner on December 18, 2017 at 7:00 am

        Hey Jerryll, Thanks for the info. I’ll get to work on the site ASAP.

        • Jerryll on December 18, 2017 at 3:35 pm

          Let me know if you get stuck. You should do this ASAP. This is the best time to get leads. Everyone wants to sell!

  2. Jerryll on December 4, 2017 at 11:50 pm

    Randall. Tried checking your sites, to give you an SEO evaluation, but they are not active / life…

  3. Randy Phillips on February 4, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    I’ve been using a thick white post card with a handwriting font with black ink with great results. I’m using the absentee owners lists, my favorite is out of state absentees.
    I’ve watched a few of your you tube vids, and I’m impressed with what you’ve done and I cud learn from you. But I think it’s your enthusiasm and passion is what sets you apart.
    Let’s make some Money…


    • Jerryll on February 8, 2018 at 3:03 pm

      That is interesting. You should do some research into isolating your marketing success. What mean is this. Are you having success because of the white handwritten card or if it is just the list that is good. I would say “it doesnt matter as long as it is working” right? But that is the thing, you always have to extract what works and scale it. I have stopped buying lists the moment I hit one on google. I just do not need to. I now get 30 Leads a week, and my customers are actually pissed off as I just cent get to them all.

      I am really happy with your comments and you flatter me man. Thank you. Yeah lets make some money! Please please please keep updating your success and findings here. I can also learn a lot from you!

    • Cash For Your CT House on March 16, 2018 at 3:59 pm

      Heey Rando. I can’t believe I never replied to this. Thanks man. Keep in mind the videos I made were just for one reason. Youtube presence. The trick is to shove your competitors OFF of the first page so you are the most visible. This has nothing to do with making a deal, or getting leads. It simply is SEO. The ore spots you fill up on the first page the less deals your competitors make and more exposure you get, the more popular, the more clicks, the more google realizes your site is popular the higher google will place you on the SERP’s. 😉 aren’t you happy you are not competing against me?

  4. Samantha Zschuschner on March 12, 2018 at 10:41 am

    Jerryll I wanted to thank you for helping me with my site. It had a DA and PA of 1 for month and months. I did exactly what you instructed me to do and guess what. My authority jumped significantly. I am so ready for your next set of instructions!
    Thank you Jerryll

    • Cash For Your CT House on March 16, 2018 at 3:56 pm

      Haaaaa, I told you. Keep on at it. Never rest. You have some big dogs o top of google, but that will make their fall even more enjoyable. Let’s have a call and I will explain the next set of tasks 😉

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