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20. I hate wholesaling

StarDate: May 12  – I hate wholesaling!!!

Yeah, I finally follow upping! I created a new word! So I checked out 2 houses today. One condo… one multiform.

MAN, I tell you, being charming gets you FAR. Old black guy in a sour mood meets me at the multi. I walk to him with my big monkey smile and funny accent say HIIIIII my name is Smeagol, nice to meet you. (I didn’t say eagles.. come now!) 5 minutes after that, he tells me .. such a nice day out right? BOOM,  next thing you know we have a bromance going talking how awesome brink is ?!  wth? I just go with it.

Condo woman, black too,  Mom was from the Islands. As I have lived on Curacao my entire teens .. BOOM, I ask her I miss Roti…. and we are BFFs!  (kinda).. anyways… so I took a ton of pictures, and now I will figure out how and if a deal is to be made.

Lesson from Uncle Smeagol. Be charming!

Need to sell my contract and make a ton of money…

Yeah still looking for buyers. This really is not as easy as everyone promised before I started this… pricks!

Over and out!


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