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OMG My Phone Is Blowing UP!!

The Yellow Letters Have Landed

Capt’n’s Log – February 11, 2016: It Works! People Are A Callin

The Yellow Letters Have Landed!

I sent out my amazing yellow letters that were blinged out with “open me now” features! I guess my Yellow Letters Have Landed today, because I started getting a call as I was browsing internet this morning. I swear I was not looking at …

The first call came from a craigslist lead. A bird dog. Then shortly after I got another call. Someone just wanted to see how much I would offer. Was not motivated. Then the third call was from the same lead list I ordered. In Fact all three were. The problem is that they do not seem to be very motivated. However all wanted to sell their house.

I hear horror stories about return call rates on letters. As I mentioned before. I had someone in Florida willing to hand write the letters for 30 cents a piece. So 100 of my letters were sent out from Florida and about 126 from CT (the ones I did myself).

I would say only the 126 made it today. That is 3 calls from 126 mailers. Doing some math.. ahum.. NASA scientist at work here…

(3/126) x 100% = 2.3% thus far.

Not good, but as could be expected. Keeping my head up.

As for my next tasks, ladies and gentlemen

  • Doing reading on the book of rehab costs (as I need to learn how to estimate this on the fly as I walk through a house).
  • And then presenting 2 offers tomorrow. Hope I get it done. I am dead tired….

Sleep well my non existent followers.


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