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26. Onwards To The Big Time!

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Onwards, Chapter II

So obviously, I never ever thought my blog would be noticed. Now suddenly I have an influx of emails asking me how to do what I did. (As if I am some sort of expert).Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing until minutes I did, whatever I did just before I did it.

Obviously, I am doing something right. So I have always said, “NEVER be like the 98% of the people”. So what do the 98% do after they make the first deal? They try to repeat and make the other deal.

Well, not me! Ohhh no. I will immediately go shoot for the stars. Why would I just repeat?

When I made no deals when I started I aimed for a goal beyond my reach, which was getting my first deal. So now I am aiming again for a goal beyond my reach.  Scaling up and getting a huge monthly income monthly.

This will be tough… well GOOD!

So I guess I will continue the Mighty Investor bog with steps I am taking towards this awesome new goal…and if when I make it, I will again look down on you little people and pity you and be merciful and offer help on how I did it. But let me not be insulting (before I make it big). ^_^

SO here goes. The next chapter. How I became a millionaire and filthy (rich) doing this REI!

Ready? Well here goes…Day one into scaling!

So today, I spent the entire day doing a million things at once.

My house flip is demanding my attention, my marketing is demanding my attention, my websites are ALWAYS demanding my attention, and I now see that BiggerPockets has featured my success story and blasted an email out to their members, and now my Biggerpockets account is blowing up, with people asking me left and right for help…

Awesome!!… but I have barely time to whip now! (Ewww) Yeah, word of warning. Reading this blog will not be for the decent and proper so ape-up!

OK so here is what I did. I am scaling my marketing to crazy levels. I am spending my entire 21K wholesale fee on

  • 1 Marketing
  • 2 Website Exposure and Split Testing
  • 3 Copy Writing

If you want to know the details on each of these points and my intentions or more details, COMMENT below, you freaky freeloaders! And I say this with a lot of love ^_^

Anyways those are my steps for the next week. Ohh BTW I have now switched my DM mailing company… we will see how this one does!

Wish me luck.

Onwards to making my first million in real estate!




  1. Michael on January 4, 2017 at 5:02 pm

    Congrats Jerryll. Great blog posts. I enjoyed learning about your progress. I love that you stuck with it and didn’t quit. Truly inspirational!

    P.S. just subscribed to your blog. Keep it up man! I’m looking forward to seeing how any of your flip/hold projects pan out for you…

    • Jerryll on January 4, 2017 at 11:00 pm

      Michael. Thank you very much my new friend. You keep hearing everyone say “90% of the people doing wholesaling quit. To make it you have to get through the first year (or so).”

      Every time I wanted to quit this thought rushed through my head. Am I going to be one of those that quit just before I make it, like allll the others? Or am I going to be that guy that you hear about that is being interviewed where he has this crazy awesome story to tell where he almost quit but always pushed through, and now is living large in his mansion without a worry in life having fun traveling eating steamed crab legs whenever he pleases. Yeah him that now can take care of his mom and dad and make life better for his loved ones…

      I REFUSED to quit.
      When you read this blog, you must notice some gaps. Some moments in time where there is nothing written. If you think it was because it was uneventful, you are wrong. I do not rest, I do not stop.. if there is nothing written it is because life was $hit!! Often deals do not work out, often you get screwed, often crap happens and I was just in NO mood to “blog about it like a 16 year old.
      But no matter how hard I / you fall … YOU GET THE HELL UP, and shove it back!
      well… that is what I did anyways…

      Thank you. Glad it inspired you and I appreciate you writing to my lil blog letting me know the blog is appreciated. Let me know if I can be of any help!

  2. Peggy on January 7, 2017 at 12:41 am

    Hi Jerryll. Thanks for sending me your blog sites! I just read through all of your posts. Congrats on sticking it out! I’ve looked a lot at the two “gurus” stuff you referenced on a blog on another site. I purchased one program (of serval offered from the same “guru”) and looked at the other one (the one you purchased). Both seem similar as far as info but one just approaches it with a bit more integrity. Looks like the contracts (the one I got had a new offer with some contracts included) seems like mostly the same across both- looks like most of those folks are using basically the same contract with the same language etc. Did you find those contracts useful or did your attorney had to modify those much? I am in the beautiful Savannah, GA area- actually a great place for business but am having some difficulty finding a good closing attorney here that can or will handle assignments or double closings. I do have a contact about 5 hours north in Atlanta so worse case scenario I’ll have to go that route. Did you have to use transactional fuming for your double closing or was your attorney able to close both the a-b and b-c transaction with the end buyer funds? I’m looking forward to following your new blog and keeping up with your fix and flip success!

    • Jerryll on January 7, 2017 at 1:46 am

      Wow, Peggy, first of all… it is nice to meet you.
      Then.. you asked some really good questions….

      The force is strong with this one, I tell you!
      You are right about the 2 gurus. One is a goofball the other more serious. Both in phoenix, and both pretty much identical content. I only bought one *simply because I found them first and found the second way after I bought the first).

      So the contracts were above average contrcts, (6 pages) designed to realy protect you and account for the craziest situations that the guru has encountered and got screwed over.
      One thing the contract failed to include was in the assignment form, when you find a buyer and have them put down an earnes deposit.
      In my contract the deposit funds were not “immediately” released.
      So after things go sour no matter what the contract says, they can just deny release of the funds and , needless to say it becomes an annoyng issue.

      As for closing attorneys.
      I had a horrible one. Then when I encountered the buyer for my first deal, they whipped my butt and went beyond the call of duty to protect their client and made sure he was safe.
      I switched to them immediately and I have not had the need to look for an other.
      They are amazing.
      I think you could do the same. Do the best you can do and jump ship the second you see an other is better.

      Thank you Peggy.
      I am about to start putting entries on “ThatFlippinHouse” blog of mine.
      I think it will be a very interesting blog to follow 🙂

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