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35. Ranking Higher Better and Stronger.

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I recently received a question from Tracey. And I quote: You and Dixie are so cool. Hoping to learn a lot from you. Thank you for providing this for free. I have spent money with no real results – yet! However, I know it’s coming.

How do you market your website to attract motivated sellers? Funny thing is I was about to write an entry exactly about that so listen up! First, let me quickly answer Tracey. How do I attract motivated sellers? Before I start, do a refresher read on a previous post:

Now that you are reminded of how IMPORTANT it is to rank in the top 3, let us continue. So I previously mentioned, ranking high means you are going to be filthy!! (rich). That is basically it.

The quick and dirty answer  to how I attract motivated sellers:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Understand what they need solving.
  3. Convince them you can solve their problem

1. Keyword Research:

You attract motivated sellers by ranking high for keywords people are actually typing into Google Search. Often this info is guarded by investors and no one would ever share their priced keywords. … But I don’t care. A disclaimer, it does depend on your market.

Everyone knows “We Buy Houses In …” is a very competitive keyword. However, I never understood why anyone would type into google “We Buy Houses In Connecticut” when they want to “SELL MY HOUSE IN …” If you urgently needed to sell your house, would you open a google page and type, “we buy houses in…”? No of course not.

Then what is the logic behind it? If anyone typed that, it simply means they know about “We Buy Houses” companies out there. If your streets are filled with “We Buy Houses” bandit signs, then yes.

From my experience, every time I talk to a seller and ask them how they found us, and specifically ask them what they typed in,  every single time they say “sell my house fast…” or some sort of variation of that. Either way, you don’t really attract sellers, you just need to be on the first 3 spots of Google when they are looking for the right terms.

Now the trick here is to find other keywords people type in that are not really common. Start to rank for those and you will bypass your competitors.

What I do is: I find such keywords, and I write a dedicated page on my website targeting that keyword. Do that for every keyword that has search volume. Now you will say, oh come on .. that is a TON of work!! EXACTLY!!!

The fewer people willing to do that work, the less competition for that keyword, the higher you will rank! My weapon always has been, to outdo and outwork every sane person out there. No normal person with life would do the work I do, and that is why I am ranking!

2. Understand What They Need Solving

So being successful at this game comes in 2 parts. You need to rank, and people need to like your page enough to fill in that damn form! Now you are dealing with the human side of things.

Here is a shortlist of what you need to focus on to make it happen:

  • come across as credible
  • show them you can solve their problem
  • show them you can solve their problem much better than your competitors

Once they find you, and click on your site in the SERPs (and this involves a whole new discussion on CTR (Click Through Rate)) you need to keep them on your site, have them engage with the content and have them scroll through the pages and ultimately have them fill in the form. The paragraph above is important. 2 things.

Having people interact with your site will increase your rankings. Imagine you needed to sell your house and typed into the search: “I Need To Sell My House In CT Fast”.

As my site is optimized for that exact keyword (keyphrase), my site will be on the first page. Most likely in the first 5 results.

If my little preview snippet is appealing (Nahum CTR again), you will click on my site.

Now if you interact, stay 5 minutes on my page, click through the pages.. google sees this as: “Oh wow, for the keyword: “I Need To Sell My House In CT Fast”, Jerryll’s site was very interesting to the user. OK so let’s bump him up the rankings so more people (that are typing the keyword: “I Need To Sell My House In CT Fast” can have a good experience.

If you would have bounced off my site within seconds, Google will think the site was not relevant to those keywords, and to avoid future users having a bad experience, they will demote your site.

SO…To make sure people stick to your site and engage, you need to have information on the site that desperate home sellers will find intriguing. How will you write info that they find intriguing? By understanding their problems and what they are looking for so that you can write content that keeps them engaged.

Add to this that you need to be original, stand out from all the other sites (as they are not likely ONLY going to read your site), will make this a very very difficult task.

3. Convince Them You Can Solve Their Problem

After you have shown you completely understand what they are going through, you can easily write something that shows how you will solve their problem.

  • We buy quick
  • We give a fair offer
  • No fees
  • No closing costs
  • We Buy As-Is!

That is basically it in it’s simplest form. Now. Lucky for me, I am ranking so I can see what effect my changes to my website have. If I were not ranking and thus no traffic to my site, it would be impossible to change things and see how that behaves. So I am constantly testing tweaking monitoring…

Now to my actual post for tonight. I came here to actually tell you all I have spent the last month studying and researching everything there is to know about ranking. Last month my Domain Authority dropped a point.

Everyone says that it is normal, but I know better. For the entire life of my sites, I have been improving. My DA and PA have been climbing. Not once did I lose points.

I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why I lost a point. Not just on 1 site but seemingly for all my sites. So at first, I took comfort in thinking that everyone must have experienced this. But this morning I found that not to be true.

All I did was research and I have found incredible data I am about to apply to my site. To write it all down now would be insane, especially not knowing if it will actually work. But we can do this experiment.

The Experiment

I have learned some amazing things about how rankings work in detail. Knowing this now I have come up with some methods that should work with great results!

So…I am doing this more for me, myself than for anyone so I just decided to keep track of things here on my blog. Lucky you! I will not disclose the details of what I am doing exactly (yet). If it works we will talk! For now, you can follow along!

So here is where we are currently! My PA and DA now are:

PA: 29 DA: 16 (from 17 :/)

That is my homepage. For my specific City Landing Pages, my score looks like this:

Bridgeport 17 16
Danbury 24 16
Shelton 24 16
Stratford 17 16
Trumbull 17 16
Norwalk 17 16
Stamford 17 16
Westport 17 16
Orange 1 16
Hamden 17 16
Meriden 17 16
Milford 17 16
North Haven 17 16
Wallingford 17 16
New Haven 24 16
Waterbury 21 16

Of course, I have more pages but these will suffice for the experiment. My PA and DA have been stable for 3 months now other than the demotion of my DA from 17 to 16. So if the numbers change we can assume it is because of the experiment. So stay tuned…





  1. Jake Knight on February 10, 2017 at 1:30 pm

    Great post, Jerryll. I’ve got a massive post in the works about “how sell my house” that I will promote like crazy and will make people read and convert. I will be THE authority in my area for that broad/exact match keyword.

    • Jerryll on February 10, 2017 at 6:16 pm

      Exactly. That is how you do it. Overwhelm your market with content. If you pop up everywhere no matter where you turn, it will have an effect of authority and credibility.
      Let me know how it goes!

  2. […] you remember from my previous post, I was in the midst of doing an experiment on dramatically increasing my PA and DA and thus rankings. I know I know, don’t worry about PA and DA the experts say. But I say, the […]

  3. Anton on April 9, 2017 at 7:30 am

    Jerryll, another great post! We’re almost two months later now so I’m very curious as to what results you got. Also, as a newer member, I’m wondering how come I can leave a reply on some blog posts, and on others, it asks me to log in? Keep up the good work!

    • Jerryll on April 16, 2017 at 4:40 am

      That is really odd. I think once you post a first reply you can freely post subsequent replies. I will update this blog soon. We ran into serious trouble with our flip… :/ That is taking a lot of my time and it is completely ruining my mood.

  4. Matt Bigach on December 21, 2017 at 3:03 am

    Jerryll, this is a great post. We are finding exactly what you are saying in our market. No one types in “we buy houses”. Almost all of our customers find us through “companies that buy houses” or “how to sell my house fast”. So we made content tailored to those specific keywords. It works!! Interested to see how you’re increasing your DA. It’s a long process, but so worth it!

    • Jerryll on December 22, 2017 at 10:57 pm

      Hey man. Thank you for writing.
      Dude first, congrats. Your site looks NOTHING like an IC site. Way to stand out.
      My DA has now jumped from 16 to 19. My PA is now at 32.

      The funny thing is that for a few months I stopped doing all SEO efforts so If I had continued I am sure it would have been better. But still a jump of that much in just a few months is quite impressive!

      I am looking over your site now.
      Allow me to give you some immediate pointers.
      That super long testimonial… make it shorter. As in just 1 or 2 lines. Just pick a memorable part and just paste that par t there… like
      “Nexus Homebuyers did exactly what they said they would do. We closed yesterday literally one week later. I would highly recommend Zach & Matt & Nexus Homebuyers to anyone with needing to sale your home. ”

      If they want to read more that can click on it and go to the testimonial page.

      No one is going to read such a long testi, and when people get bored they click the “back” button.
      Which brings me to my most valued metric to rank.
      Find a clever way to keep them clicking scrolling browsing. Try not to copy anyone, find your own methods. Finding your own original methods has worked wonders for me.

      Interact with me here and I will help you rank 1!

      • Matt Bigach on January 4, 2018 at 9:10 pm

        What’s going on? Thank you for the kind words. I’d seen your site before just stumbling around and thought the same thing about yours. Looks nothing like an IC site!

        Congrats on the jump! You’ll be way past DA 20 in no time. It’s definitely impressive considering you slowed down. I know we slowed down as soon as we hit number 1, and I regret it. Now back to a torrid pace!

        You’ve got so much awesome content, and I know you’re killing it in up there in Connecticut! I appreciate the comment. We ended up doing what you said. I thought about it and you’re right. We as humans have a 10 second attention span. lol. Looks much better now. Thank you.

        We always appreciate brainstorming on new SEO techniques. We might be able to help you out as well!

        • Jerryll on January 13, 2018 at 1:32 am

          Sorry for such a late reply.
          I checked out your site. It looks awesome man!

          Yes let’s work together, absolutely!

  5. Chris Green on January 7, 2019 at 9:58 am

    Hey Jerryll,

    How do you find your PA & DA? Sorry if you already posted on this…

    • Cash For Your CT House on January 9, 2019 at 4:01 pm

      You can head over to Moz…

      You pretty much just enter your domain name in that field and it will spit it out. What I do is install the MOZ bar into your browser and this lets me instantly see the DA and PA on any site I am on.

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