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17. Results on postcard marketing

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StarDate: April 9  – Verdict on Postcard Marketing!

So… How did it go with my postcards? Please do not send 4.5K postcards all at once. Good golly my phone hates me! I had no choice though. I wanted a deal. And yet again I am upping my list to 5K about to send it all out. Planning it for them saucers to arrive on a Monday!

So how DID I do?

Disappointedly happy. I almost ALMOST signed 2 contracts and had about 10 very motivated sellers. I am still dealing with 3 properties I am trying to sign. So if with every consecutive mailing you have a better response rate, well… then. I am bound to make a few deals this time around! About time… because I am reaching my lowest funds threshold. I need a deal. Of course, I am taking measures.

I am interviewing with a company called “Astrobotics”… They contract with NASA so it looks like I may be going back to being a NASA boy! Pay is good but bad news it is in PA. I invested time and money in CT. But I am not going to give up if I leave the state. First thing I will do when/if I take this job, is to apply for a loan and buy a house. And I will keep on marketing in CT.

Taking this job will expedite things about 15 fold so I just need to tolerate it. One good thing is that it is finally doing cool stuff again. Not just *#*@(@@_ industry! About to spend the other 2K in marketing. This is terrifying…

After this mailing, I am $1000 below the lowest threshold I had put for myself. But I see it this way… if I do not do it… I will definitely have no leads coming in and thus definitely no inflow of cash. If I don’t’ my money will still go away, sure slower, but it will. So I am forced to do it. Grab these cojones and just do it I say… So the verdict is as follows.

Postcards have made things a lot less nerve-racking. I am getting positive calls and it really is just a numbers game. I don’t have to explain to myself how I found the house and why I manually put a creepy letter in their mailbox. In fact, when I was doing yellow letters I was reported to the police and I had a nasty call from them.

I honestly do not see me making a deal anytime soon with yellow letters. With postcards, however, I am thinking I should be getting a contract signed soon! So for anyone out there wanting to know the difference between these 2 marketing pieces, for us, it is postcards hands down!

How Do You Handle The Phone Calls WHen They Do Come?

So besides the war of the marketing pieces. I did get leads (of course). The question remains, do you jump on a lead immediately or do you vet them to make sure they are actually motivated. Of course, the guru will tell you that you shouldn’t waste time on sellers that are not motivated. And of course, they have a point.

But being raised right, it was hard to just ignore someone that needs help and sought you out so I never just brushed them aside. Is this the right thing to do? In business terms, no, absolutely not! But I did it anyway.

Here is what I have encountered. I have made more deals with people that were not motivated. Go figure! My marketing piece is what gave them the idea to sell their house. My first deal in fact was from a lady that was tired of owning, but she never knew she was… till she received my card and thought… wait for a sec.. why the heck am I bothering with these crazy tenants, I am selling that’s it!

And I made 14K. So there you go!



  1. Lajean on January 4, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    Hey jerryll I have a question.

    When heading to appointments for possible deals, should I have a appraiser with me to go over the property? Or is that something my end buyer will want their own appraiser for?

    • Jerryll on January 4, 2017 at 11:25 pm

      Hey man.
      So lets assume you are dealing with a motivated seller. Most likely you are not the only person they reached out to. You have competition. If you give them an offer that same day, they will think you are serious about this and it will give them a huge incentive to stop looking for others to buy their house.
      So.. I wouldn’t deal with an appraiser, but get an agent and a contractor on board.
      Agent will tell you what the ARV will be after repairs and the as is market value.
      The contractor will tell you how much it will cost to make it ARV ready as per agents suggestions.
      All this so you can make them an offer that same day.

      All this is ideal.
      It will be highly unlikely you will find an agent willing to walk properties with you (especially if you have not established a name and reputation for yourself).
      Contractors are a bit easier to convince.

      If you cant get an agent, you can still do your own comps and see about where the value lies. But be careful here. A mistake here will be your ruin.
      As the saying goes, you make money buying your house, .. not selling.
      You have to buy it at the right price!

      Please let me know if you need me to clarify further!

      • Lajean on January 5, 2017 at 12:25 am

        Okay this is very clear and understandable. I have a agent that I work with. And I just found a contractor that I trust. Awesome thank you so much man I can head into these appointments with more confidence. I’ll let you know how they go

        • Jerryll on January 5, 2017 at 12:39 am

          Awesome. Please please do let me know. You owe me a Shirley Temple extra sweet if you make that deal!

  2. Greg Wolf on January 7, 2017 at 11:51 am

    Where would I get these post cards? I’m driving around, found some houses to mail to but am using typed letters in an envelope with a Forever stamp. My mouth tastes like glue, I have paper cuts and it’s really slow.

    But I’m only sending out less than fifty targeted letters at a time so maybe no big deal.

    Also, where did you get your contract? That my biggest hang up right now. I don’t have one and wouldn’t know how to fill it out anyway.

    Love your witty blog posts.

    • Jerryll on January 7, 2017 at 10:59 pm

      Greg, I bought my package from CleverInvestor. My contracts were included in this package, and that was a big reason why I bought that package. It is called “your first million in REI”. But you can get perfectly fine standard contracts for free online if you google it I am sure!
      They have a collaboration with a company called GoBigPrinting. They have a whole bunch of template marketing pieces including the postcards. But by no means should you think that postcards are the best marketing pieces, nor do I think that they work the best for me. This is simply what I tried and I only tried a few other marketing pieces (YellowLetters). As you have read from this blog, I gotten a deal within a month of my first marketing campaign through a post card so obviously I stuck with them. Now the postcard itself did not get me the deal. It just got me a call. Being honest and how I presented myself got me that deal. Your focus is just on getting that phone call! So having said that, I personally think a typed and printed white letter with your hand written signature in awesome letterhead would be a lot more effective. I still need to try that. In fact I will try it my next marketing campaign.
      And thank you for the compliment on my blog.
      I am still trying to schedule some free time where we can meet and we can have a chat on all of this face to face.

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