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The Credibility & SEO Programs

I wanted to thank you and welcome you to the first official step to dominating your market and taking your future into your own hands. I am not kidding, I am SUPER fortunate I came up with this platform and deciphering SEO like I have. This has literally changed my life and the life of my loved ones.

It gives me shivers thinking about all the what if's! What if I never took this seriously, what If someone else discovered  the secrets to SEO. They would be in my shoes now dominating my/your market. Terrifying!

So Congratulations! You are on your way to crushing it big time!

The SEO Package


Paid in full - $16,000 (1x)
2 Month Payment Plan - $8,250 / Month
3 Month Payment Plan - $5,800 / Month
5 Month Payment Plan - $3,700 / Month
Paid in full - $3,000 (1x)
2 Month Payment Plan - $1,700 / Month

This Is Not A Subscription. This Is A Payment Plan!

We would like to make it clear that we are not offering monthly subscriptions. Our prices are set. You are paying for our platform, our services and our secrets to taking over the highest spots on Google and increasing your credibility to get your forms filled.

We simply try to make it affordable and convenient for you, giving you the option to pay for our packages  through a convenient payment plan that fits your needs.