We Are Not For Everyone, And That Is OK!

We are offering a 1-on-1 SEO consulting gig, where my team and I work closely with you guiding you, hands-on step by step getting you to the #1 ranking spot of Google. It is extremely important to me personally that every single client of mine gets to the #1 ranking spot on Google. If you work with me and you do not rank #1 my company just looks mediocre and that to me is just not acceptable! My system works, period. However, no matter how amazing my system, it takes your hard work to provide the results. If you do not take this seriously, you will be wasting your money and I, my time. Yes I really am very selective, this is not some marketing ploy.

We get that you have a life, a family, 23 houses to flip, and a gold fish to feed at night. I get it, and that is fine. All you would need is to work a few hours a week on this and you will be fine. The system is battle tested, and proven to work as long as you put in the hours (or have someone help you put in the hours).

I pick the people I work with based on their desire to succeed and the hard work they will put in. The system I have developed is a visual highly interactive set of modules with step by step instructions, using visual (pdf) and audio (video) aids how to accomplish each of the tasks in each module.


Are We Right For You?

How bad do you want it? How fed up are you with the grind of not being able to eat crab-legs every day if you wanted to? How tired are you with your 9 to 5? How pissed off are you working for someone else, using your life hours making their dreams come true. How conscious are you? How fed up are you that every hour you give towards someone else freedom it is one hour of your life you will never get back? Don't fool yourself here. If you fake it, you will quit midway in the process and you will have lost more money and time. Working with me means there is no way back. It is do or friggin die. This IS what it takes to be successful. Read my damn blog, and you will see I had to make the same decision. For me there was no plan B!