Solid SEO That WORKS!

Solid SEO That WORKS!

Today I just wanted to make it official. We (and when I say “we” I mean “I”) have started an SEO consulting business for Real Estate Investors.

Just so you take me seriously, I will show the results first!

SEO Consulting That WORKS!

I know there are many people that claim they are good. And I am not going to try to convince you I am. If you don’t believe me you need to find someone else that WILL convince you they are good. As for me… I want to work with people that ALREADY know of me, my skills and how good I really am!


I will however show you the results due to My SEO methods:




However, Keep in mind, that ranking #1 is nice, but that means nothing if you do not get leads in. Ranking #1 does not equal “tons of leads”. We make sure that your site will be performing. The point to all this is ACTUALLY getting in leads. And as I type this at 12:18PM my email keeps giving me notifications that new leads are coming in… well isn’t that nice!

An other important factor is the cost per lead right? You may be asking. OK Jerryll, but all the money I would spend on SEO I could dump this into paid advertising no?

Well, sure you could. But would you? Are you sure?


SEO Vs PPC The EPIC Battle Of The Giants

Let’s find out. I take 3 of my direct competitors and take a behind the scenes look at their marketing and PPC budget, and lets see how they go against me that does 0 paid marketing.

Let’s have a looksie:


When you compare SEO vs. PPC you will be blown away with what I found. The result of the Pay-Per-Click Vs, SEO Experiment is mind boggling!

I have started helping a select few of you for a few months already and the results speak for themselves:

FINE PRINT: NO ONE can promise you the #1 spot of Google

cough Highest cough spot on Google cough


because no one really knows what Google’s algorithm is….

Cough #1 spot cough


The Result, You Ask?

And you DOUBT me? ME? MEE??? After all this goodness I shared?


feast your eyes on this:

Our most recent leads (streaming in):

Some Random leads:

This goes on day in day out, with no marketing at all. JUST SEO!!

Some Reviews






I Offer More Than Just “SEO

I offer a lot more than just “SEO“. I will help you with everything from ground 0 (not having a website) to tons of leads in your inbox… and everything in between. What ever it takes to get you free high quality leads to you. This includes website structure, font, font size, colors, keywords, content, graphics and of course SEO!! The whole package.


Here is also where I significantly differ from SEO companies. I am PICKY!! If I work with you I expect you to rank #1 quickly otherwise my rep is tainted. It is thus in my best interest for you to tank #1. This means that you have to do what I consult you to do to the best of your abilities and in a timely fashion.

I also will not have my clients compete with each other. I only take one client per market, and no more than 10 clients period. (I am already at 7). For the first phase of the process you will be working solo with me, setting up your site and addressing on-page and off-page technical SEO issues. Once your site is in fantastic shape you will join the team of my other clients where we 1) will continue working on solo SEO strategies as well as group strategies where the SEO efforts of one person automatically boosts the SEO results of the entire team. Do you start to see the value of team SEO ? There IS SEO power in numbers! Believe when I say that my SEO strategies are unlike anything else you will see. All legal solid (ORIGINAL) white hat SEO!

Off Limit Markets

I already am working with someone in the following markets:
  • Southern California
  • Dallas
  • Massachusetts
  • Metro Detroit
  • Cincinnati
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut (DUH)


*****Updated Off Market List*****

Holy Moly you all are HUNGRY!!

  • Maryland (Congrats!)
  • Colorado (select Cities) (Congrats!)
  • …. Who is next?
I called this a business, but in reality it is more like I am just some dude that will help 10 investors rank #1 on Google and get insane amount of leads. Now you all have to hope I won’t consult your competitor  muuhahaha
Reach out to me if you have any questions at:

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7 thoughts on “Solid SEO That WORKS!

    • Author gravatar

      Are you still taking clients?

      • Author gravatar

        Hey Dustin,

        Good to meet you. Yeah I increased my number of clients to 20. I didn’t mention it in the blog post because I didn’t want it to sound like one of those dumb pressuring techniques “Ohh I have room for just one more” and then I keep taking people 🙂

        Why don’t we have a phone chat. I am checking out your website now

    • Author gravatar

      Sounds great my number is+13147098990

    • Author gravatar

      MSOOTKAUG – Your a little zany, I think I like it….thanks for replying to my post in BP regarding PPC. I am interested in your “don’t do it” comment & what you might have to help. I must admit though, I don’t get website, SEO, or any of that. I tried to follow a video program from Investor Carrot and struggled….but if you’re as good as you say, I will be your test 🙂
      Doesn’t look like you have anyone in my market yet. I would look forward to chatting with you if you’re up for it.

      • Author gravatar

        OMG phew! You took me seriously. Yeah… $16K for 4 months is ridiculous seriously. Eric, the client I have in Southern California, with PremierPropertyBuyers switched to me from them and after who knows how many months getting nowhere with them he now is ranking #1 following my consultation… without any backlinks. No worries, None of my clients know anything about SEO. Not only will this be a very guided process, you will inherently become an expert at this. You will see! And by the monkey gods I WILL have you outrank anyone and everyone in your market! The only thing I ask (other than my sweet and sexy paycheck… ahem) is that you have the confidence you will make it to the top of Goolge. This is important. Knowing you WILL get there will inspire you to take this very seriously. I really need you to take this seriously. But lets have a chat, let me evaluate your site, your goals your competition (pffffft), and lets get your inbox filled with leads!

    • Author gravatar

      Are you still taking clients? If so I’m definitely interested in chatting with you brother. I know you’re the real deal from the discussions on bigger pockets. I’ll be available to chat anytime this weekend or Mon and Tues of next week. 512-402-2292 look forward to speaking with you.

      • Author gravatar

        De’Marcus Thank you for your kind words my man. Indeed I am taking a handful more clients as long as your market is free. Yes lets have a chat, and if we decide we are a good fit together, we will absolutely make your competitors wish you never found me! 😀

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