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14. Stay The Course

StarDate: Wednesday, March 17  – Stay The Course, Damn it!

So I bet you all want to know what happened to the test. The number of letters sent for each sample was not enough to run an actual experiment that could lead to concrete results. So I started thinking about why I am doing this. Was it to prove the Yellow Letter fanatics wrong? Or was it for me to just do better deals…. and when I say better deals, I just mean  ONE stinking deal.

So I caught myself doing it just to prove others wrong. Very wrong mindset. Want to do yellow letters? Please, by all means, do so. More leads for me then. I don’t care what you think. Whatever! I am going to focus on me and back to “whatever it takes to friggin MAKE IT”.

So here I am. 1.5  months into the start of my journey. I just forked over 2 grand for 4400 postcards I am sending out. I have 2 weeks before the end of the month, and this time  I am not going to stay in CT if I do not either get a deal or find a good job (which I definitely do not want). My money reserves are running low…. really low.

This is it…  I better get something out of this…

Spirits are low but the drive is high!

you can do it!

Scared excited and hopeful

Signing out.

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  1. Marshall on September 11, 2018 at 11:26 am

    Hey Jerryll!

    Great blog, btw.

    I’m curious about how many investors offer to pay cash for a house, but do not actually have the cash to do so and end up having to do sort of a bait and switch on the contract before closing.

    You mention that you set aside $20k for this venture and that your “money reserves are running low”. I’m assuming this means that when you actually get a deal that you’ve promised to the seller to pay cash for, you won’t actually have that cash and will have to find a private lender.

    How does this conversation with the seller go when you have to tell them you’re actually getting financing and not paying your own cash? Also, how do you show proof of funds or get around the POF evidence if they ask?

    • Cash For Your CT House on September 12, 2018 at 4:13 pm

      no no,
      back then I did not buy houses myself. I was wholesaling them. I get houses under contract and then selling the contract to a flipper or a buy and hold investor.
      My money reserves were low because marketing is SUPER expensive. Without marketing you make no deals and game over. Marketing should NEVER be a choice. It is simply a MUST!

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