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37. The Flip Is on the way

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The Flip Is On The Way!

For the last few weeks, all leads have stopped again. I am starting to think that snow really is a lead deterrent. I am still tweaking my sites for maximum performance. I use a tool like Crazyegg to monitor scrolls and clicks, but that is just way too expensive to keep. I am sure there are other cheaper alternatives.

Suddenly today I got 2 leads from my website and a phone call. All this randomness makes it very difficult to tweak the site. However, I have to make 3 offers today. One is a 3 family home. Seller wants 25K for it. We shall see. Sounds like a really good deal but have not yet seen the inside…

In the meanwhile, my flip is still underway, slowly but surely.

Will keep at it…


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  1. Chris on April 4, 2017 at 3:12 am


    Great blog! I’m a newbie on the hunt for his first deal, and i’m reaching that point where probably 90%-95% of prospective wholesalers quit and give up…but alas I just can’t bring myself to give up. I’ve got to escape the 9-5 rut.

    I’ve been sending out postcards to same list, on the first week of the month, since January. I’m not mailing a huge list (about 450) because it’s about all i can afford right now, but i’m wondering if i should change up my postcards…or just send out the same design to the same list for the 4th month in a row? Or do you think i should get a new list? My response rate hasn’t been great at all…about 3-5 calls per month, and no real motivated sellers yet.

    Also, thanks for talking me out of yellow letters. I was browsing the BP forums for yellow letter ideas and i ended up stumbling on your site because i saw one of your replies to a post. After reading through your entire blog, I’ve decided NOT to do yellow letters and stick with sending out postcards.

    Great job with the blog!

    • Jerryll on April 7, 2017 at 12:17 am

      Sorry Chris for only now seeing this. I have no idea why it didn’t show up before. 450 is a very very small list. But a list is not just a list. Depending what list you have it could be fine. If you have a list no one else is marketing to, you are in great shape. 3-5 calls a month is exceptional!! Absolutely a great thing so whatever you are doing, you are doing great!!
      About YL. I had someone also ask me about it and I told them not to do it. She agreed with me, but told me, she will try it anyways to see if it is not just a regional thing. She regretted it BIG time!! So the ethically correct answer should be, sure you should try YL because everyone swears by them. But the REAL answer is, do not do it. Stay away from YL!!

      I appreciate the words of encouragement, and please if you get stuck or have questions, write .. I will respond!

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