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13. Tornado In Pensacola

StarDate: Wednesday, March 15  – Tornado In Pensacola

Well, I had to do a halt, full stop on.. well everything. In case you do not know. I actually live in Pensacola FL.  I moved from FL to Houston, to Italy then to CT where I had my high paying job in the industry. I couldn’t deal with corporate so I quit but stayed in CT. So now that you know the background, carry on ^_^

We had a huge tornado in Pensacola and had to fly back to caress my house and tell it  “all will be better soon, my darling“. Took me 3 weeks, but alas, I am back in the cold CT. Full speed ahead again… So where were we… Oh yeah.

I was pissed off at yellow letters for simply not being logical!

But as any good scientist, the answer is experiments, testing, analysis! So here is what I did. I sent 50 printed letters and 50 handwritten letters out. The envelope and the external packaging is identical in both pieces. I will monitor any activity on both batches and document it. I can not wait for the results.

One can shoot a million theories and opinions at me, but the numbers do not lie. I should get some answers today and tomorrow.


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  1. Sandi on August 26, 2018 at 11:37 am

    So what was the result of the printed vs hand written letters?

    • Cash For Your CT House on August 27, 2018 at 7:45 pm

      Yellow letters are almost 3 times more expensive, and I got a lot more angry calls back and I have not once made a deal because of them.
      Postcards are inherently more professional, so people do not feel as much like you have invaded their personal bubble. The response is a lot less aggressive as they see you as a business. I have made 2 deals per 2000 to 3000 postcards sent…
      vs nothing from yellow letters.

      I still get calls from cards I sent 2 years ago!

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