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21. When I am Filthy

StarDate: May 12 – When I am Filthy (Rich)

When I am filthy (rich) and famous and stuck up, and think non-y’ all are worth my time… I will design and built my very own ironman suit and become a supervillain. Seriously.. who wants to be a superhero. Being evil is WAY more fun!

I already have a good part of the research done.  But I need about $275K, just for parts alone .. :/

Frick man. Being super is really expensive!

I shall be known as MonkeyMan! DUDE… MM on my chest. Sweet Or Maniacal Monkey… Maybe just Mooooojo Jojo Needs to brainstorm!

Now that I think about it even more… Why do all villains have an Accent? hmmm.. I am born to be bad it seems! This is how we keep the motivation high!

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